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Thursday, April 01, 2010

A nice busy day

An update on my host doggies: Max (the baby) still thinks I'm the cat's meow. Well, maybe the dogs arf. Of course, being a puppy, that means he wants to chew on me, which he does with great abandon! After a few hours, oh OK, or at least an hour, of gnawing on me, my fingers, my elbows, any part of me he can get his sharp little puppy teeth into, he finally settles down. He is really a sweet dog, loves people, for sure.

As of this morning, Sam, the older one, apparently decided that I had stayed here all night long without charging at him with a chain saw, so it is possible I wasn't here to do him in. When I got up, he was wary. I didn't approach him, but spoke to him often as I went from bathroom to bedroom, getting through the morning routine and ready to go out. When I finally finished and walked toward the living room and kitchen, he was on alert, but he didn't run away. I squatted and held out my hand, and he came right to me. I petted him for a little while and talked to him. Then I left for the day, and when I came back, he was standoffish again, but didn't run away. After just a few minutes, he came to me and has been at my side the rest of the day.


His wariness of humans reminds me of my own Sam when I brought him home. This Sam is also a rescue dog, so his trust is still being earned. I'm happy he has now accepted me, and I know it will be a new beginning next time I come back because he will have forgotten me. But it should come more easily with each visit. And it is worth it. Right now he is beside me on the couch, snoozing away, just as his little brother, Max, was last night.

I love that moment when a previously damaged dog begins to trust me. That is the best feeling in the world.

BTW, little Max has crawled up onto my shoulders and is nestled against the back of the couch. It feels SO good! His body warmth is right on the area of my neck that often hurts, old whiplash injuries. I wish I could sleep sitting up, 'cause it is relaxing me. :)

While I'm loving this, snuggling with new little four-legger friends, I'm missing my own kids. It will be good to get home to them on Sunday.

Why can't we have it ALL? :)

~~The boys posed for me~~

While I was out today, Sis and I went shopping. She did a fabulous job of keeping up with me. Our first stop was at her apartment-to-be. It is really nice. She will be much happier there. the people are quite nice in her current place, but most of the people are far more incapacitated than she is. The new place is for independent living capable people, more like herself. The apartment is really lovely, roomy and comfy, lots of windows, so pleasant views will be hers. There is a lot of walking surface available, and she loves to walk. She will probably be more active and happy there.

Next we went to Target. Yay, Target!! We were all over the store, and she kept up! I needed a brush as I didn't bring one, and it was really hard to make my hair look decent this morning with only a hair pick. In fact, it didn't look decent! I also bought a couple other things to just leave in my traveling bags. I tend to forget some of the cosmetic items. Hopefully this will help stop that.

We stopped at Office Max to get some things I need to take back to Linda. Sis looked for some items she needed, but they didn't have the exact ones she wanted. We are planning to go to Walmart tomorrow, and she knows they have the right things there.

It was past lunch time, so we stopped at a Cracker Barrel. BTW, that's one thing she hates at her current facility. Their mealtimes are: 6:00 AM, 11:00 AM and 4:00 PM!! Good grief! She looks forward to fixing her own meals again and eating when she is actually hungry! She enjoyed having lunch at 1:30 today, and sitting there sipping iced tea and chatting for over an hour!

We went back to her place for a while and visited, made plans for tomorrow (U-Haul for boxes, Walmart for her page protectors) and I was back at her son's house by 6:00. I'm tired! My older sister wore me out!

Life is good. Really good. I miss my brother-in-law, and I know she loved him like her own life, but it is good to see my sister able to be more active again. His care consumed her time for the last year or so, and I know she did it with love, but now he's at rest and she is becoming more like her old self. Yep, good to see.


  1. Oh how life changes. We literally take the good with the bad. A new and different life for your sister to say the least. You sound good which means she must be doing good. That Sam was the cutest little !@#$ that I've seen in a while! And you know Lyn, when Ruby lays on my left hip and Roxy on my right, who needs heating pads?!
    Love Di ♥

  2. You're right, Di. My sis is doing well, for the most part. She is having a trip similar to what I did. She does well, then suddenly has a sinking moment, and when it passes, she is OK again. It's a roller coaster ride.

    And as for having breathing heating pads, isn't it the truth!? Canine or feline, their body heat is so healing!

  3. I enjoyed reading about your day with your sis. You sound so caring. And you reminded me that it's been too long since I visited Cracker Barrel. Gotta fix that!

  4. You are such a good sister :) Makes me miss mine a little bit.
    Loved your pics of the boys- they are adorable.

  5. Thank you, Mary Ann. It was good to spend time with her. It has been a long time since she and I have been able to have this much time together. As for Cracker Barrel .... the hardest thing was to not buy one of everything! I did come away with a nice thank you gift for Linda who is home with my dogs!

    YG, the thing is I know I won't have her forever. She is 78, and while her health is overall pretty good .... I want to have as much time as possible while I can. I know you understand that. :') And the boys? They are my new best buddies! I'm going to miss them!

  6. It is a wonderful thing that you are doing with and for your sister. I wish I had an older sister to care about what happens to me, it would be wonderful.

  7. I'm glad you and your sister are having a nice visit.


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