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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Birthday week drawing to a close

Yesterday was the glorious end (well, probably the end) of my birthday week. I had lunch with three good friends, Linda, Zoë and Lynne. Lynne's birthday is on Sunday, mine was Wednesday, so we split the difference.

We went to a very nice restaurant, the one we've been going to for the holiday brunches. they have just recently started serving breakfast and lunch, so we decided to try it out. Oh ..... my ..... goodness.

We had a simple lunch, at least comparatively speaking. Angus burgers and fries. You can get that almost anywhere, but these were the best I've tasted. And here is what made lunch the best .... 2 bottles of Riesling! Yeah, buddy!!!

We ate and drank the wine for about an hour and a half, then we asked for coffee, and with coffee, they brought us a complimentary piece of cheese cake to share, and it was so big that four of us could not finish it! I'm not kidding!

We sat at our table for another hour and a half, talking and having so many laughs I can't even tell you. We asked several times if we were in the way, and we were told no. In fact, our servers were enjoying us as much as we were enjoying ourselves! They frequently stopped and chatted with us, joked with us, and were quite accommodating to our happiness. And they were duly tipped for their indulgences.

After leaving there Linda and I ran to Walmart where I exchanged the iPod and she picked up a couple things. We were miserably full and could hardly wait to get home and put on something comfortable with e.l.a.s.t.i.c in the waistbands!

However, we were sidetracked at a neighbor's place for about thirty minutes. I wanted to ask him about a bit of neighborhood excitement/concern that we were both involved in the day before, to see if he had an update or more information. But a secondary reason to stop was simple curiosity. He built a nice one-bedroom cabin that we were curious to see. He had invited me to see it back when he was building, and I'd not gone over because when I thought of it he wasn't home. It is the coolest place! Very simple, no frills, but beautifully done. The inside is finished with tons of gorgeously polished wood, contrasting with a ceiling of recycled wood with moss still attached, and old recycled metal corregated roofing as a ceiling in the living room and kitchen. It is a fabulous man-cave!

He bought this lot, just under an acre, cleared the land of the noxious undergrowth and surplus of trees, and constructed this gorgeous place under the protection of many tall pines, mostly Ponderosa. It is very cozy and would be a perfect home for one person. I was astounded with his work. He is selling it, as he wants to move to Elephant Butte Lake. He is a fisherman and ready to retire after living here in the mountains for 40 + years.

When we finally got home, Linda and I were both still full to our ears! We did get into comfortable clothes, watched a little TV and both of us were in our beds before 9:00! I slept very well. It began raining in the night, and while I wasn't consciously aware of it, I think I sensed it, as I snuggled down under the covers and didn't wake till 7:00 this morning. Very refreshing sleep!

I guess I can quit celebrating now. I've had phone calls since last Sunday wishing me a happy birthday, had lunch Tuesday thanks to Linda, a birthday dinner on Wednesday(the actual day), received a beautiful gift in the mail on Thursday, had the celebratory lunch yesterday......... Yeah, that's probably enough.

Speaking of that gift .... it came from a friend who lives in Hawaii. He is an artist, creating beautiful acrylic sculptures. He sent me one of his works, and I am thrilled.

This is a fascinating piece. The colors are different, depending on the view.

 The colors are even richer and more exciting when it is in the sun.

 Today's overcast is giving a different effect, and I like it, also.

 You can see how grey the sky is. It adds a beautiful backdrop.


Yet the colors are less vibrant.

I guess I'll post "sun photos" in a few days!

But I'll still be enjoying this lovely piece till then, knowing it is given from the heart and from his own collection. So special!

 I think my week can wind down now. Yep, it's been very good.


  1. Sounds like a great time Lyn! Those are the kind of meals I enjoy, just take your time! The gift you received is very beautiful. I'd love to see how he makes his art. Too bad he isn't able to do it much anymore. I miss crocheting so much but the hands just hurt too bad. Glad that you had a great birthday! Love Di ♥

  2. I love making a week of my birthday celebration great idea, and the acrylic is lovely.

    have a wonderful weekend.

    Dorothy from grammology

  3. Di, it was! And I agree, 3+ hour lunches should be common! They are wonderful! Yes, I regret that he isn't able to do the work, as it is so beautiful. I understanding the crocheting; I had to quit years back, as well. I can still crochet, but only for limited times each day, and it takes forever to do anything. I hate losing that ability.

    Dorothy, my family has done week-long BD celebrations for decades. It used to be because of the time limitations brought about with many children and busy schedules. Now it is because it is so much fun to drag it on and on! You have a good one, too!

  4. What a great birthday week you had.

    ~hippo hugs~

  5. I am so envious of you I love the piece I want a birthday week later this month.

  6. Pam, I DID!!

    Bobbie, you have my permission! Go for it!

  7. Birthday week over. Now the adventure of another year begins!

  8. I dont know how the heck I missed your birthday, since FB is supposed to remind us of these things. Hope it was as great as it sounds!
    I saw, why stop at a week...take a month-:)

  9. Sounds like it was the perfect birthday week. Why just a birthday week???? I get an entire month!!! :)

    I love the gift you got from your friend. It is just beautiful and I can only imagine how pretty it is when the sun is shining on it.

  10. Mary, isn't that the truth? The fun never really stops! Onward and upward!!!

    Julie, FB has a funny, irregular system of reminding. I get reminded of some BDs 10 days ahead and others, just on the day. Sometimes I am reminded 2X, other get skipped. I don't know what the deal is, but thanks for the idea .... I think I'll take as long as I damn well please to celebrate!!! :D

    Caroline, it was a good one, and as for the time period, see above note!!

    Yep, it is really pretty. I will take sunshine pictures. I should have this morning, but I got excited about getting out and doing a little outside work and didn't think of it. Soon!


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