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Thursday, April 15, 2010


Darn! I have to return the new iPod. Something isn't right about it.

When I turn it on, I hear music. yeah, I know, that's what is supposed to happen. Bu-u-u-ut .... The music is coming out of the iPod, faintly, tinny, not from the ear buds.

In fact, what I hear in the ear buds is also faint and tinny. I tried different ear buds, just in case, but they were no better, and I noticed when I plugged the ones that came with it back in, there seemed to be a bad connection in the plug. Music went off and on if it is wiggled. That's clearly not right.

So tomorrow, I'm back to exchange it. gah. I hate having to exchange things. Not that it is hard or that they give me problems, but I just simply hate the lag in time for my enjoying my newly bought "whatever." But I will. As if there were a choice.

Tomorrow I will exchange it after having another birthday lunch with friends. We are celebrating my birthday and that of a friend, Lynne, whose BD is Sunday. I'm looking forward to it. Three of my favorite people and me, what could be better?

Yesterday I did such a dingy thing. I had put in a new door knob a couple weeks ago as the locking mechanism in the old one had broken. You probably know a door knob kit comes with two keys. I intended to get some extras made, but hadn't remembered it. And the inevitable happened, the reason I always make some extras.

I'd gone into Ruidoso and when I came home, I couldn't get in because I didn't have my house key. Almost immediately I knew where it was. When I walked with the dogs, I put my house key in the tiny zippered pocket on the leg of my walking pants, and I never took it out. My choices were .... break into my own house, removing a screen and wrestling with a window to raise it enough to crawl in, a process that would take probably 20-30 minutes of sweaty work, if it even worked. Or .... drive into Capitan, get the other key from Linda and while I'm there, have duplicate keys made. That process wouldn't take much more time and would resolve the possible future repetition of my faux pas. Well, basically no question. I now have a key hidden outside, and one to carry in the car. All bases are covered! Hopefully.

Sometimes I surprise (or would that be embarrass?) myself. How can a smart person like me do such thoughtless acts? Oh, well. I saw something on Facebook today, and it fits the situation:

OK I ADMIT, I'M A HANDFUL. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle - but if you can't handle me at my worst then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.

Yep, that's me! Error-prone and attitude out the wazoo!!!


  1. I broke into my old house 3 times because I locked myself out. You would have thought I learned my lesson. At this house, we have a touch pad garage door opener that I reprogrammed so we could use it. It has saved me three times so far. And I consider myself a pretty together gal.

  2. I was spoiled at KC, as the electronic garage door opener all but eliminated that problem. Oh, well, it adds to the excitement in my life!

  3. Two things I don't like..... locking myself out and returning things. I bought an Ipod...... after two months of not using it I gave it to my son.

  4. I love that facebook comment! I need more keys too, I just keep forgetting to do it. Sorry about you ipod, I do know what you mean about having to wait to use something that you just bought. So disappointing. Hope the new one works for you Lyn.
    Love Di ♥

  5. Pepper, iPods aren't for everyone, but I certainly use mine, almost daily. Since I love to listen to audiobooks, I plan to use it mostly for that when I travel.

    Di, better get those extra keys made!! You've been warned! LOL! And I'll check in later today and let ya know about the new iPod. :)

  6. Oh Lynilu, I've done it all; car keys in the car; house keys in the house; also a real dumb thing with my iPod, which is a story wayyyy too long for here. You are no different than many of the rest of us. And I agree, those who don't love us at our worst are the losers 'cuz our best is SOMETHING ELSE.

    ~hippo hugs~ (from Omaha, Nebraska)

  7. Pam, I hear ya, and me too! Sheesh!

    Wow, y'all are making good time! Be careful in your travel!


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