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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Dogs and their gates

I was psyched to build and hang the new gate today, but I can't. I definitely believe in the "measure twice and cut once" philosophy. Or in my case, it is usually "measure 9 times ...." And it's a good thing.

I knew I needed to make some adjustments as the two posts for this gate are not straight across from each other. Whoever built the deck did plan to put a gate there, obviously. I knew this offset was there, but the "fix" I'd calculated simply isn't going to work. The side I want to adjust can't be adjusted without a lot of rebuilding, so I moved my calculations to the other side. With this switch of sides, I need some additional hardware to brace everything.

I called the mercantile and talked with a man who verified what I need. He has put it at the counter for me, and Linda is going to pick it up and bring it home. Since it is still too chilly (54° at 1:00 PM) to stay out long enough to do this work, there was not a reason for me to drive to town to pick it up. Linda's shop/studio is only a couple blocks from the mercantile, so she will pick it up and bring it home for me. Tomorrow is supposed to be nearly 10 degrees warmer than today, and that will make a great difference.

I'd love to have started today as planned, but it is what it is. The current gate is secure for the dogs, merely inconvenient for humans.

I've noticed that my dogs have crossed another milestone in their development or socialization. It used to be that they barked and barked and barked at anyone who came here. Even people they had met before got repeated barking. I'm guessing that Terri's week-long stay in January, followed by my frequent absences (medical and travel), having two sitters (Boy Wonder & Linda), and Linda's extended stay, have all combined to make an impression on them about their own permanence, my promise to always return, and the possibility that not all unknown humans are bad. What a good thing!

Yesterday The Kids were confronted with two strangers, and both times they barked for 1-2 minutes, then settled right down. The lady from the gas company who was here to light the furnace and a deputy sheriff both came to the deck and in my house, and the worst part was their clamoring for the attention of these folks!

Remember Sammy, the little guy who pooped on the floor if a human looked at him? Max who ran and hid barking furiously? Lola who scooted backward while barking his head off? No more! Jazi and Joey have always been cool, only barking for attention and little of that. Now all five bark ("Someone's coming!!"), then bark again ("Hey, look at me! No, not that other dog, ME!!"), and then they are bouncing around the newcomer and making just bearable noises! Unbelievable! I think we've made it!! Woohooo!

There is still work to do on the socialization, but now I feel it is a possible project to work them into becoming well-socialized canines, the kind I can take into public! I'm so happy!

Yeah, as I haven't reminded you and myself lately ....

.... Life is beautiful!!!!

Really beautiful, for sure!


  1. Well it certainly can be! It sounds as if the pups have come a long way Lyn. But did I read you right, Lola is a he? Was he named after the song "Lola"? Love Di ♥

  2. Yes, you read right. I typed wrong!! duh. Doncha love it? LOL!

  3. Love how the kids have come together to form a group of well-behaved (hmmm)critters. It really is an awesome story.

  4. Me, too. It seems that every few months, I have one of these moments when I realize their progress. It is so neat!


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