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Friday, April 09, 2010

No more gates!

Lawdy, lawdy, lawdy. The third gate is done. The gate was easy to build. I had it completed in just about two hours. Then I began the process of hanging it.

Hanging the first two gates was quick and easy. I couldn't believe how quickly they went up. Today .... what a difference. OMG, there was nothing that went as the last one did!

The first gates were each mounted to an upright that also supported the roof and were straight up and sturdy. Today the two sides of the gate were merely railings, no upper support, so they don't stand straight. Well, I thought I had it all together, but the gate was too wide at the bottom and too narrow at the top! Despite my measuring and measuring and measuring again, it wasn't quite right. And the supports can't be straightened as they are tied into the railings. I thought of that and tried, thinking I could shim it or something, but they ain't a-movin'!

After some thought, I got out a plane and began shaving the bottom of the gate. The process was to shave a small amount, then try it in place again, plane off some more, check the fit again, over and over, until the gate fits in the spot. The gate is heavy, and every time I had to lift it up was harder than the one before.

The movements of planing are hard on my arms, too. After a while, my arms were SO tired I could hardly lift them. Add to this me having to get down on the deck for some tasks, and then getting up again, over and over and over. And the hinges .... I bought a different kind because I was near a different store, and despite these costing three times what the others did, they don't work as they should. The "self-closing" feature is not strong enough, so it barely closes, and only if it is released from a very wide open position. Worthless.

By the time the gate was finished and hung, I had spent almost four hours on something that, under normal circumstances, should have taken about thirty minutes to an hour. And I was completely exhausted. I barely had enough energy to pick up my tools and clean up. I got a glass of ice water and sat in my hammock chair for a half hour or so, then got energy enough to get into the shower. After that, I simply laid on the couch and read from my Kindle. I have to tell you that I hurt e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. My toes hurt, for goodness sake!! I've taken Tylenol, had a glass of wine, some cheese and crackers, and I'll live.

The gate isn't perfect, but most people won't notice. Especially when everything is painted so everything is the same color. Bottom line is that the gate is strong and functional. I'm so glad I have no more gates to build. SOOOOO glad!

Pictures will follow soon.


  1. I am happy for you that those gates are all done! Good work Lyn, this should take care of your dogs and guests.

  2. I am happy for you that those gates are all done! Good work Lyn, this should take care of your dogs and guests.

  3. Can I tell you how very impressed I am with your carpentry expertise? WOW! I could never do the things you do. I think you are my hero.

    ~hippo hugs~

  4. Great blog. Boy do I know the importance of gates. I am the doggie mommie to 4 dogs.
    I have joined to follow and look forward to getting to know you.
    Blessings, andrea

  5. Moni, I can't tell you how good it feels to have the deck really secure for The Kids. NO MORE RUNNING, MAX!! The nice thing is that this last gate makes the deck human-available from the handicap ramp. It was actually pretty secure, but the make-shift gate was very hard to open. It will be nice, since I think my sis would have trouble going up the twelve steps to my deck. It's good for everyone!

    Pam, don't be TOO impressed! They aren't professional, at all, but I must say they are solid and doggy-proof! That's what matters. I couldn't find ready-made gates, and custom made was going to cost me nearly $1000. Necessity is the mother of my creation!!

    Hi, Andrea! Thanks! If you didn't read back, you might not realize it, but I have 5 rescue dogs, one of which went for a walkabout while I was on a trip recently. My sitter was frantic, and although these gates weren't the escape hatch for him, I knew I wanted to secure all of them better. I'll be over to "meet" you later today! Welcome!

  6. Wonder Woman is successful once again, but sounds like she's just a little worn out. Awesome job, Lyn. Gates completed, and kids are safe.....and you deserve that glass (or two) of wine. Now rest up for your next project, and I'm sure there is something on your list.

  7. Yeah, Ruth, there will be another project, but not right away!!!!!

  8. Even your toes hurt? Poor gal. Have some wine and get some rest!

  9. Cyndi, I know that sounds like a joke, but they really did! I don't know if it was because I had them bent under me at times or what, but in walking, I felt every one of them! I'm much better today.

  10. That sounds exactly how everything goes around here, one small project turns into a major event! I felt your exhaustion Lyn and hope you have recovered by now! Thank you for the Birthday wishes! Love Di ♥

  11. These projects are often a challenge and wear me out, but I won't stop. To me, that is just part of living! Even though I almost always underestimate the time/effort! And you're welcome!


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