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Monday, April 12, 2010

Nice start to the week

Linda and I have begun walking, but not together. She walks at 7:00 in the morning, and I can't do that. I usually wake up rather stiff, and I need a while to loosen my muscles before I take off. I'm walking with the dogs, alternating who goes with me. Linda offered to take one with her, and I suggested Max. Linda walks more briskly than I do, and Max is a high energy dog, so it seemed logical. In addition, it would be good to widen Max's horizons by spending time with another human that he now knows and trusts.

This morning I put the harness on Max and out the door they went. Max seemed a little hesitant, but I thought once he got out, he would be OK. And he trotted down the driveway, although he looked over his shoulder at me a couple times. It looked like it was going to work out.

About 15 minutes later, I was fixing coffee and starting breakfast, and all the sudden, there at my feet was Max!

When Linda returned she said that Max did OK for about five minutes, and then all the sudden, he screeched to a halt! She was going uphill, and suddenly, she was dragging a dog! LOL! She looked back, and he had dug in all four paws, and his little bowed front legs were obviously not going another step. So her choice was to carry him or return home. We all know what she did!

When I walk soon, I will take Max as one of my two in the rotation. He needs the exercise, not because of his weight (he's a skinny-minny, er, skinny Maxie!), but just to burn off his overabundance of energy. I'll take Lola, also, because she needs it. She's a chubby bubbie! Like Mom!!

I recently took Sam and Jazmyn. They did great, even during a visit with a neighbor along the way. We all cracked up at Jaz when she met the neighbor's 6 month old boxer puppy! He came over to meet her, and as they sniffed noses, she looked up at him, gave a little growl and snapped her teeth! She didn't even try to bite him, just snapped her teeth! He backed off, wagging his stubby little tail, and curving his body into a tight U, as boxers are prone to do! Lawdy, tiny little Jazi, about 1/4 the size of that puppy, was making sure he knew she is the leader of the pack, and he said "OK!" How funny is that?

Tomorrow is Linda's day off from her store/studio, and we are making a trip to Roswell. Among other stops, we are going to Home Depot to look at the plants in the nursery. She wants blooming plants in front of her store, and I want to add to my landscaping. I've looked up several plants that I like and that repel deer (daffodil, poppies, marigolds, etc.). That will be a bonus to have them in with my other plants that deer love to munch on! I love having deer around, but I don't want them to devour the little plants that are for beautifying the property (daisies, columbine, red hot pokers, etc.).

The weather is perfect for a walk, so I guess I'd better get going. It is 64° right now with a good breeze, and if I wait too long it might be too hot (for me) to do a good, long walk. I'm trying to be really consistent about this, walking at least four times a week, so I shouldn't put it off.

.... Life is beautiful!!!


  1. I, too, have been thinking of plants 'though it will be a month or more before we can plant them at home. We leave for home on Thursday and though I'll miss things here, it will be good to be home.

    I think I 'll close and go for a walk.

    ~hippo hugs~

  2. Pam, regardless of the fun elsewhere, it is always good to get home, isn't it? Me, too, on the walk. As soon as I push "Publish," I'm out the door!

  3. Methinks that Max is a mama's boy, lol. That's ok with me, I asked Duke, my german shorthair, "are you moma's boy?", and he jumped up and landed in my lap, lol. I couldn't believe he did that, he's a big boy.

    I love flowers and I miss that they are seasonal here, I miss that California year round flowers, :(

  4. Moni, my Max is definitely a one person dog. There is no question about that. But I thought for a walk (remember his walkabout!!) he would be OK with it, especially with Linda as he is OK with here here in the house. Boy, was I wrong! I just took him for a walk and he about pulled my arm off!! sighhh.

    I agree about flowers year round, but at the same time, I love the seasons. I know, you could live without winter! There should be some sort of flowers that bloom in the winter, even through the snow, huh? ;D

  5. Ah! So you're fully into Spring. That's great. Sometimes I miss walking with a dog; Alex is definitely not a cat with whom one can take a walk!

  6. Well, Nick, if you weren't so stubborn that you refuse to walk where HE wants, it would all be fine!


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