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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Just stuff

For years I've used Neutrogena skin care products. Actually I've use it for decades, as in, as long as I can remember, probably since my late 20s. They've always done me well. My skin is good and looks younger than my years. I'm blessed with good genes, too, and it didn't hurt that I lived in a humid climate for 30 years. I couldn't stand to go out in the sun and stay long enough to get a tan while I lived in Missouri, so I have pretty much zero sun damage during the ages of 30 to 60.

A few months back, I decided to try some other skin care. I suppose some of you occasionally do that, too, deciding that maybe something else might be better. You know, the "age defying" kind of things. So I tried it for almost six months, and recently I looked in the mirror and decided I wasn't looking better. In fact, I thought my skin didn't look as good as it has in the past. So I bought a new supply of Neutrogena. Yes, the "age defying" kind. And after about ten days, my skin looks better than it has for a while. I should always remember .... if it ain't broke, don't try to fix it! And that the grass isn't really greener ....  Or that a bird in the hand ....  Maybe I just like chasing rainbows. Atop my unicorn.

I went to a meeting with Linda tonight. It was a planning meeting for one of the artists studio tours that will be upcoming this summer. I went only because several of my friends were meeting before the meeting (got that?) to have dinner. And because the meeting isn't anything secret, I stayed. Well, that and because I was in Linda's car, and it was a long walk home! At one time, the president stopped what he was saying and asked if I had some of the papers that were handed out. I said no I was just a visitor, and he thought a minute and said, "OK, you can stay. You're pretty and in pink." Well, I was wearing a pink shirt, so obviously all that was right!!  LOL!  I guess that shirt is a keeper!

The food was mediocre, and Mexican food that is just OK, really isn't. I also had a mango margarita, and it was just passable, too. In light of the so-so repast, it is a good thing I got that compliment, otherwise the evening would have been a complete loss!

Well, the light just went out on my laptop charger, and my battery is old and weak. I'm thinking I'm going to post this. I'll have to order a new charger and battery tomorrow and be stuck with the desktop till I get them in. Sigh.


Update: I remembered that I have a second charging cord. plugged it in, and I'm back in business. EeeeHawww!


  1. Sounds to me like that "age defying Neutrogena" is working. That, of course, and the pink shirt.

    ~hippo hugs~

  2. Mango margarita. I was heard that recently on a movie titled House Bunny. Maybe it's a new fad. I never heard of them before.

    Big-time virus screw-up for some people who have McAfee virus protection this morning. Scores of computer at our work shut down, thinking there was a virus. But there wasn't one.

  3. Pam, lol, I think it is working! And the pink shirt will be carefully cleaned and ready for the next time!

    Dave, I've had mango margaritas before, and they were good. This one left something to be desired. And besides, you just can't beat a plain ol' margarita on the rocks, IMO.

    The virus protection built in to Mac is wonderful. I used to use McAfee, but the Mac OS has such good defense that I don't supplement anymore.

  4. I've never tried Neutrogena products. I used to use Avon for years and then I started using cocoa butter which worked as good as the Avon! And it's cheaper!
    The meal may not have been great but the compliment was! We have a wonderful Mexican rest. in our little town and it's very good, now I have a taste for it!
    Glad you found your other charger.
    Love Di ♥

  5. Di, I love them, obviously! My daughter sells Mary Kay, and while I've tried a few products, I'm wary. Years ago I had an allergic reaction to them.

    And the meal .... there are some decent Mexican restaurants here, as well. It always amazes me when the "not so good" ones are run by Mexicans!!

  6. That is all I use is Neutrogena. The funny thing is my hair shampoo and body soap. I told mom I smell like Black Forest Cake. Chocolate Soy Milk Shampoo and Cherry body wash.

  7. Pepper, I like that!! Black Forest Cake is dynamite!!!


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