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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I have been busy the last couple days, doing lots of little jobs that don't show up much but really need to be done. It's little things like putting up a shelf in the pantry area to put some of the snacks on. My pantry is small, so there is always a struggle with things like potato chips or crackers. So I put a shelf up high so I can put light weight things up there, overhead and out of the way. It cleared a whole shelf in the pantry so I could put other items in their place. I can't believe what a difference it made!

I also moved my smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector to a new location. If you've read here for a time, you might remember I've complained about the smoke detector going off to easily. I mean, really, I should be able to boil water without setting them off!! Yep, that actually happened once! I'll admit, it is usually when I'm frying something, which of course, sets it off when the detector is only five feet from the stove! Like yesterday, I turned the oven on to clean itself, and as it began burning off the spills, both alarms went off, reminding me that I really need to do this! I know, I know! I wasn't thinking when I put them there, but here's the reason. There is a built-in electric detector located in that area, and I simply hung the new ones next to it. I figured that was a good deal. Later, I read that they should be hung at least ten feet away from a cook surface. Oh.

The reason I hung a battery operated one in addition to the electric one is that I just don't trust the electric. I have had them before, and I worry about safety when the power goes off. I realize if the power is off, there shouldn't be a fire, but the gas is still on and of course, there are fireplaces. I just don't trust the electric to be my only one. Anyway, I moved the two battery operated ones about 12 feet away from the stove today, also. I also had an extra detector which I hung near the guest bedroom and my office. They are at the other end of the house, and while one is actually OK for this size house, I would rather be safe.

Then I put up some new hooks to hang my gardening hats, to hang a folding kitchen step stool, and relocated some of my hooks for broom, mop, and other cleaning tools. My laundry room looks SO much better! I still have to figure out where to put a couple things, but it's so much better already.

I love the feeling of getting organizational tasks done. It always feels wonderful to see the neatness, and it takes away stress I get when I'm working in a disorganized area.

Yesterday I worked in my office for a little while. I'm a long way from done, but I made an impact. The office is used for that, an office, and also for several of my crafts. The problem in there is that I had started three tasks, and all three are still out, half finished. The room had become totally unbelievable. I got one of the three organized and put away, and part of the other two organized. It is going to take be several hours, and I'll probably do it over several days. The dust I'm stirring up is horrendous! It will be nice to have my work space back again. Lawdy, I hope I never let it get like this again!

And I'm working on getting my summer clothes out, although I can't put the winter away just yet. I really dislike this time of the year because I need some of each wardrobe, but I haven't enough closet for that. Maybe I should trim the wardrobe? Yeah, but we all know I won't! I'll just have to be happy with grousing about it!

While it was raining yesterday, I discovered an area in my gutter that has to be fixed. It isn't serious, just the long nail they use to hold it has pulled out, but it allows the gutter to spread, gathering extra water in that area, which could potentially pull the gutter off the side of the house. I need to fix it. I dread climbing up there. I'm not afraid of heights, but heights, ladders and tools are a less than comfortable mix for me. Linda has gone into town on some errands, but when she comes back. I'll have her "spot" me. I don't usually have that luxury.

OK, that's done!! Linda came back just as I typed that last sentence, so I got 'er done!

Now I have to rest. Seriously. Bye.



  1. You are quite busy!
    Blessings, andrea

  2. Oh, yeah! I figure I should keep busy as long as I can! I think staying busy keeps me busy and as young as possible.

  3. Seriously I can't keep up with your posts! Anyone's for that matter, how do you do all this stuff and find time to read everyone's blogs and then post?! Whenever I do a bunch of things, all I want to do is nap LOL!!!
    You ought to post some photos of all of your organizing Lyn!
    Love Di ♥


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