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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bad Blogger Lyn, bad, bad blogger.

I'm a negligent blogger of late, aren't I? And I will be for a while, then I will be back to normal. Normal is a relative term here, of course, because you all know I'm not exactly the poster child for normalcy!

My sis is here with me, and we've done a bit of sightseeing. We will be able to get some more in, too, because the rain has now been lifted from the forecast. Good for sightseeing, bad for the little plants I put in the ground two days ago. Guess I'd better get out and water them.

Sightseeing with my sister is interesting. She is a non-stop talker, and I mean NON-stop. She doesn't need me to have a conversation! LOL! I have to interrupt with an apology to point something out to her, followed with a bit of miff from her for the interruption! Don't get me wrong .... I love my sis dearly, and I understand her reason for the irritation, because she has some very early dementia, so when she loses her train of thought it is hard for her to get back on track. But as the Elvis song says, "A little less conversation ..." is sometimes preferred! I've brought some audiobooks along for our long trip coming up, so that we can take some breaks! Yes, I'm a bratty little sister!

Yesterday I woke with a broken blood vessel in my right eye. Nothing to worry about. It happens occasionally to me, and I have had it checked by doctors who tell me it is not for concern. It can happen when I cough hard, but that isn't always a component. Anyway, about half of the white part of the eye was bright red. It looks awful, but no pain is involved. Last night I found the positive part of it. My green eyes look really, really green next to the red! LOL!! The irises of my eyes are green with just a little amber around the pupil, but they appear hazel from a few feet away. Don't know why that is. At any rate, my right eye is obviously green now! I like it!

Today I have to take a break from entertaining my sister to attend a funeral. Remember my friend Gail who lived here for several months in 2007? Her brother, who was two years older than we, passed away on Wednesday, rather unexpectedly. He had congestive heart failure, but didn't tell many. I suspect he wanted to simply live a normal life without feeling people felt sorry for him. He was such a nice man. He taught history until he retired a couple years ago, and his passion was New Mexico history. I enjoyed talking with him about history, since I'm a little bit of a history buff myself. He will be missed.

Tomorrow Sis and I will go to the Iris Farm to see the spring splendoflora! Yeah, that's my own word, "splendor" and "flora" combined. This is my fourth spring here, and every year I've missed it! duh! I would plant to go, then something would cross my thought process and it would be gone. I'd remember it next when the blooms were less prominent in the heat of summer. So this is a big adventure for us both. We are both fond of irises, probably because our mom loved them so much. She had a wonderful iris garden with special as well as standard tubers, and it was, well, splendoflorifulous! So tomorrow will be a wonderful day for us, I'm sure.

Monday's schedule is still up in the air. Sis wanted to go to the town of Lincoln where Billy the Kid hung out, but much of the town is closed on Mondays. We've decided to not over do it, and wait till her next visit for that. Lincoln doesn't lend itself to a quick or incomplete tour. One needs to take time and see it all for the context, so she has decided it is best to wait. I agree. And it is something to look forward to, as well.

OK, I gotta get ready to scoot over the mountain and down the other side to Alamogordo for the memorial service. I hate to say goodbye. Never easy.


  1. Well Lyn, non-stop talking for 10 days, lol...good luck with that ;)

  2. Enjoy your sister we will still be here.

  3. LOL at Moni's comment. I forgot that you guys have a drive to Denver, a drive back and then another drive back to Texas. That's going to be a lot of talking. Maybe she will lose her voice from all the talking? :) I actually think it's great that she is talking so much...I think it shows how much she has missed you.

    You guys seem to be keeping busy. Isn't it great that she is so close that it will be easy for her to come visit you more often.

    Sorry to hear about Gail's brother. :( I will say, I like the way that he didn't tell everyone. Once you tell everyone that you are really sick they treat you you are going to die right then. I think it was probably a great way for him to really enjoy the last few months of his life.

  4. Moni, thanks! I swear, it will be a challenge!

    Bobbie, I will, thanks. I'll be back ASAP!

    Hi, MM-MM!!

  5. Caroline, yes, she has missed me, but she is like that with everyone! My whole family talks a lot, but Sis takes the cake!! And yes, I'm glad she is closer. I hope to do lots of shorter visits, better for us both! ;D

    I agree about not telling everyone about an illness. I would hate to be catered to with tears. gah.

  6. Well, I know what you mean about normal being relative!

    I had a broken blood vessel like yours when I was 15, and never knew what caused it. My eyes are also green, but at the time I couldn't find anything positive about the occurrence! It went away, but it seems that it took a few weeks.

    I have a hard time being around people who talk constantly. My father's wife is that way , and I guess I've learned to tolerate and expect it. My sister can't speak at all, due to cancer, but it's miraculous that she's still alive.


  7. hmmm, mom, not liking the not telling thing...and you know me :) I will cater you with tears...don't keep secrets, it won't do me any good.

  8. Betty, these usually go away very quickly, a few days or so. Meanwhile people just stare!

    My whole family are talkers, but not any as, uh, gifted as Sis!! LOL!

    Ter-ber!! "He didn't tell many...." meaning he didn't tell people who didn't need to know. You are a "need to know." Silly baby girl!!

  9. I was a bad blogger too but i'm trying to make up now. You do what you have to!
    Enjoy your sis - and Ipod - that' all i'm saying ;)


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