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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A miscellaneous Tuesday.

Last night the winds were awful! They were so strong they ripped the gutter off my house .... on the side away from the wind! It actually pulled down just one section, but it popped out the gutter spikes in a couple other sections, too. Some were completely out, others were just loose, but barely holding into the deck. As I tried to replace them, the latter sections began to fall, as well. gah.

I had gone into town for some other things, and stopped at the lumber store to get some replacements for the gutter spikes. I bought gutter screws. They are thicker, a tad longer and the threads should help hold it in place. Once I was home, I started putting them in, but I couldn't get them in the full way, so I went to a neighbor's house and asked him if he could help. He did. And he offered to help me put those in the rest of the gutters when I get around to it. I'll probably do that when I'm back from Denver.

I spent most of the afternoon trying to straighten out a bit of a mess. Before Glenn died, he checked everything to be sure I was on every account or named as his beneficiary. However, there was one little thing that he and I both forgot about. It was a small account with a few stocks he had from a company he worked for for a few years. Now a company that finds heirs for forgotten money has found me, and I'm having to jump through a few hoops to claim the money, and it involves a lot of proving who I am, who I was, who he was, when he died, etc. So, going back and forth between the locating company and the certifying bank to get the details all worked out just took forever it seemed. Another gah.

I took Lola for her shots today, and she did so well in public. The little pup that looked at strangers and went scooting backward, barking her head off, now behaves very appropriately. She was friendly, but not so much as to jump on people or something of that sort. Very well behaved. I'm proud of her. :)

I'm tired. I think I'm going to bed. Jim was a very mean slave driver. ;) He wore me out with all that nasty hard work! LOL!



  1. I'm glad yor neighbor helped you with your gutter.

  2. Me, too! He is becoming a good friend, and I'm glad he is so close!

  3. Good neighbors are worth their weight in gold. We've got good across the street ones.
    Hi friend - missed reading you (hug)

  4. Ah I used to have neighbors like that! Those were the days!
    Sorry about all that red tape Lyn, nothing seems to go smoothly anymore, so much red tape!
    Perhaps Lola is learning that even with the shots, the vet isn't so bad. My Ruby loves it there! She gets so excited when we go and all the girls spoil her!
    Love Di ♥

  5. You are so lucky to have such a good neighbor Lyn. Enjoy visiting with your sister and wish you both happy travels.

  6. Gee, wish one of those heir-finding agencies would find me. I would jump through a few hoops for some old stock options.

  7. I have the issue with some gutter nails. I can't get them to go all the way thru. So they stick out. Luckily the gutters stay in place.


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