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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Life struggles .... animal and human

Sitting at the dining room table at Jim's, reading email and enjoying coffee, and three coyotes have trotted through the yard, two of them carrying "breakfast." One had a cat in it's mouth, the other had perhaps a rabbit. Gah. There is a good reason to have only indoor cats. Oh, now one has trotted back the other way. Jim wonders if they have a "stash," and I wonder if they are carrying it home to feed litters. Oh, man. That one just came back through with a chihuahua in it's mouth. Crap.

I'm glad My Kids are home safe. We have coyotes there, too, but we are safer at my house because of the pack. But I need to move on from this disturbing topic.

Just a short note, as there is a lot to be done today. A lot of packing of what Jim is keeping and then labeling and such in preparation for the estate sale. He is moving slowly, and I certainly understand that. Even though this is a relief to him that the house has finally sold and he can move on, it also signifies the end of a part of his life. I recall my own experience in that .... at first, the thought of parting with "treasures" was very difficult, then as time goes on, there is more sense of "letting go." Things that were somehow precious at one time in my life became relatively unimportant as time went on. It is actually very freeing to let go of those things, but the process is grueling. I now look back and, while I understand that process, I now wonder why it was so difficult at the time. Things are things, and what I put high prices on five years ago are silly to me now!

Anyway, must move on! Jim's run to get some supplies we need, and I need to shower and pack books till he is back. Later, y'all!

Oh, DAMN! Another chihuahua. I'm getting away from this window.


  1. It can be very hard to watch the cycle of life! We don't have Coyotes here but still I really like to have only indoor pets.
    I haven't been taking care of the outside strays as there are so many around here! At least six different one's keep going through the driveway!
    I understand what you mean about the "Things" in our lives. I took in as much of my mom's "Things" as I could. Some I probably could have left behind and not missed but for now I can't part with any of it.
    Love Di ♥

  2. Oh my gosh...I would freak out if I saw what you saw this morning. I know it's the circle of life, but know that was someone's beloved pet. I am also glad that your babies are home safe.

    You are such a good friend to go there and help Jim. I am glad to hear that his house did sell. Does he have any idea where he is going to move to?

  3. You are a good friend Lyn. I hope the weather cooperates for you. Too many coyotes around there:( Hope that today goes good for you and Jim.

  4. Both of you - yes, the cycle of life is tough. I understand it, but that doesn't make it any easier to accept. The first little "breakfast" was OK, but by the 4th one, I was literally feeling a bit sick, knowing it wasn't the wild rabbits (that's bad enough to stomach), but sweet little house pets.

    Di, Caroline and I have both been guilty of feeding stray cats, too. Unfortunately, when they disappear at my place, I know it is probably to coyotes, too. :( As for "things," I'm having to stay on Jim's heels and keep him moving and deciding. I know it is hard for him, and I'm trying to be gentle enough to not royally irk him, but his grasp of the time frame is .... not well formed!!

    Caroline, yes, he has a plan, and a good one, I think. He has bought a small place close to his daughter's home, and I think it is going to work out well. I'll get to see it later today or tomorrow.

  5. Hey, Moni! So far the weather today isn't bad. I've worked up a sweat, but because of work, not heat. I haven't actually been outside; I send Jim on the errands and stay in here! And coyotes? Obviously too many here, also. :'(

  6. Lyn...I'm wondering.....if coyotes are roaming in my neighbourhood, I wouldnt let my pets outside for a minute. Maybe easier said than done. I hope the sale is a success, and it is hard to get rid of treasures. I had a conversation with my oldest daughter last night, wondering what would happen to my THINGS when I'm gone. Maybe I will start downsizing now.....things I want the kids and grandkids to have. But what if its stuff they dont want?????????

  7. I can't get past the coyotes and their food choices! Great circle of life and all that, but gruesome!

  8. dude, your circle needs jack bauer to protect their chihuahuas!!

    eeewweeeee . . .

  9. Circle or life or not, I just would have had to run. I can't stand the thought of someone's pet, being breakfast. Much less watching it being carried away. We have a serious coyote problem around here too, it is amazing how they manage to get through the tightest of fences. I just keep my pack inside and will continue to do so.

    It is really nice of you to help your friend out. Your such a good person and a true friend. I hope things move on schedule, it must be hard to sort through all your treasures for the first time. Good thing your there to gently put things in perspective.

    Take Care.

  10. Ruth, a suggestion for you. My parents did something that made a lot of sense. If one of us said we wanted something or if they decided that a certain item should go to one of us, they (1) put our names on it with a tag underneath, if they were still using it, or (2) if it was treasured, but not used, they sent things home with us, one at a time. There was a lot less "divvying up" we had to do, and it was less stressful. In addition, they got to watch and/or hear us enjoy having those things in our homes. I've already begun doing that, too. If it is stuff they don't want: are you using it? Good, keep it and enjoy it, and let it be their problem when the time comes. If you're not using it and they don't want it, well, why are you keeping it?? Give it away or sell it and go to the casino! (Do I know you, or do I know you? LOL!)

    Jen, it isn't easy to rationalize, is it? We "city folk" are not very tough.

    Well, Beans, I'm at the same window this AM, but all I've seen had been cute, two rabbits playing and a couple ground squirrels dong likewise. Today's cycle is smoother for my old, sensitive eyes and heart. :')

    Cheryl, the little pets were already dead, so no reason to run after them. I just figured nothing could be changed.

    And thanks for the sweet words. It's not really Jim's first sorting of things, but it is an extreme downsize, much like I did four years ago, and while it is painful at the time, it is also freeing. He just hasn't fully reached the "fully" part yet. He can see it down the road, but it is still a mirage for him. It takes time. He'll get there, and we'll get through this weekend; then it'll be a step at a time.

  11. It is really good to hear such good news that Jim's house has finally sold and he can now move forward. I know it's very tough to downsize, but it's like you said, in five years will it matter. Jim is very lucky to have you as such a good friend.

    The circle of life thing skeeved me. Yish.

  12. Daisy, thanks for the kind words. Jim does know all this on a cognitive level, but as you know, the emotional part of us is sometimes lagging. He knows he will be fine, but he can't part yet with some things because there is so much to consider at once. I moved enough for twice my own house, and it was several months before I could go through it all and detach, yet what a healing and freeing process it was.

    Penny, great words. Very true, but for us humans who assign much to our animal pets, it is a tough lesson. And our encroachment, as you said, has caused much grief for those who would live .... or die .... by natural means in the wild. I'm glad you keep your fosters safe, and bless you for fostering. I have 5 rescue dogs at my house. I can't foster; I'm such a sucker for them that I keep them!

  13. Scott has coyotes. When Bernie or Lou leave their toys outside they will play with them and one even carried one of their toys off. Scott never lets Lou outside by herself. What a sad sight to see.


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