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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Thursday, down on the range

I slept in this morning, something I almost never do! I guess hard work has its rewards, eh?

Just as I woke and was opening the blinds, Jim's truck started up and he left. He's off to buy more boxes as we ran out late in the day. I threatened him that he had to get them early today, so I guess he took me seriously! We shuttled the first loads to the new place late yesterday, making it seem real. He signed on the new house yesterday, and it is good that we can move much of the "keepers" out of the way before the sale. On the way home from that we forgot to stop for boxes, so he said he would do it in the morning. I said he had to do it first thing. then I slept in!!

We went out for dinner last night, deciding on Mexican food, but without remembering it was Cinco de Mayo, so the restaurant was busy and noisy with music and voices. The music was wa-a-a-a-y too loud (it's also a night club), and we couldn't talk without shouting, and even then we had to be right up against the other's ear. It was obnoxious. And the food was mediocre. Not the best dining experience, but the margaritas were very good and strong! I needed that!

PS - Jim saw a woman posting a sign not far from here about a lost Chihuahua. He stopped and talked with her, told her about yesterday's event. We are all hoping hers was not one of those we saw. :'(

This morning, the fauna scene out the dining room window was much more gentle than was yesterday's. I saw a pair of ground squirrels playing, chasing each other around and chattering, and a couple rabbits were likewise chasing around and leaping over each other. I love watching rabbits playing! So funny!

Well, "the boss" is back with boxes and movers are on their way, so I gotta run! Later!


  1. We had home made burritos last night in celebration of Cinco de Mayo. And Margarita mix in our cute margarita glasses. lol Just mix, no tequila.

  2. Hope you can get some good rest Lyn for the big sale days!!

  3. Cinco de Mayo is my cat's birthday so you can imagine the exciting plans I had for that day.

  4. PS are you sure the rabbits were playing? Maybe it was foreplay, if you know what I mean.


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