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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A long day ....

Dang, this was a long day, and this will be a short note. I won't upload pictures till I'm back home because the connection here is v.e.r.y s.l.o.w.

I was up too late last night. My sister took forever to get packed. In her defense, we washed everything she had worn, so it was a matter of getting everything dry before she could pack. But she packed for about 4 hours!! I wanted to get the car packed last night, except for the morning needs, making it quick to get away this morning. Anyway, she finally was packed about 10:00 last night, and only then could I get into the bedroom to pack myself. It was late when I finished, so I just waited till this AM to load the car. Then I got up very early, 5:30, to get dressed and get the car packed, so my sleep was just under 6 hours. gah.

On the road, it seemed that we had obstacle after obstacle.
  • Road repairs delayed us about 30 minutes.
  • The GPS took us on a wild trip on a road that was narrow, winding, and clinging to a mountain side! the speed limit was 25-35 for about 15 scary miles! (I met a truck as big as mine, and I swear our mirrors nearly touched as we crept past each other!)
  • I was late getting to Walsenberg where I was meeting Cathy, but we had a wonderful visit once I was there.
  • The GPS wanted to take me on a second crazy route, so I nixed it. Then I called my SIL for a cross street, and she gave me directions. they were different than she gave me a couple days ago, taking me through Colorado Spring and Denver, not bypassing as she directed me before.
  • There was a wreck on the Interstate in Colorado Springs, and we were delayed yet another almost 1.5 hours!
All this means a nearly 9 hour drive became 11 hours. Holy-moley, I'm tired. I'm going to get to bed and try a fresh start in the AM! I have a full tummy, and nothing sounds better than a couple days of sleep, but I'll settle for 8. Soon, y'all!!


  1. Just glad that you made it okay sweet friend! You do have the patience of job!

  2. I am the same way Lyn. I need at least a good seven hours sleep in order to have a functioning brain! Now you just need to rest for a while!
    Love Di ♥

  3. I'm glad you made it safely despite all the obstacles. I hope you had a good restful night's sleep.

  4. Lyn,
    I hate when trips end up like that. It is so draining. I'm glad you made it safe and sound. I hope you catch up on your sleep and feel refreshed to start your day.

  5. Thanks, everyone. On top of it all, there were bad storms here last night, rains, hail, tornado warnings. gah! But I slept very well, deep and undisturbed for just short of 8 hours! woohoooo! Much more friendly feeling this morning!

  6. Traveling with an older relative can be very taxing. I'll be honest Lyn, I wouldn't let my kids or siblings take me in their vehicle anywhere outside of town. Old folks are a pain in the ass;)

  7. Moni, you're right, and I try to be sure she is OK, sometimes overdoing myself. It's just not easy at times to draw the correct line between doing too much and too little. Argh!

  8. Sorry you had so many delays with your trip. I hate when there is an accident and you are stuck in traffic for a loong time. Glad you made it safe though. Oh, and how scary about that narrow road. I probably would have freaked out.

    How did your sister do on the drive? Did she talk the whole time? :)


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