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Friday, June 25, 2010

Complicated life

No, not really.

We had thunderstorms for the a couple hours this afternoon. I'm so glad to get the rain. However, I had two dogs glued to me (Jaz and Joe), and then it seemed the other three think it's unfair for them to get so much attention, so all five were clustered around me on the couch.

It's nice to know I'm loved and trusted by these dear little dogs. Rather than feel "put upon" by them acting as if I had static electricity and attracted them to me, it makes me feel good that the trust is there. And knowing that they can trust a human at all is very good.

That set of storms moved on, and this evening, another passed over, but I didn't get any rain from the last one. It's OK, storms are in the forecast everyday for the next ten days, so I'm pretty sure we'll get some more.

Linda came over for dinner this evening, and we watched "It's Complicated." Neither of us had seen it, and we enjoyed it so much! If you're over 50 and have been divorced, there is a lot to identify with, even if you never considered getting back together with the ex. We both laughed and said "Oh, yeah!' over and over! Such a fun movie!

After grilling pork chops I left the grill on to burn off the grates. Two and half hours later, I remembered it was still on! I hope I still have gas in the bottle! I do wish those bottles had gauges so I could tell. If I ran the world ....

OK, I need sleep. Hasta maƱana, y'all!!


  1. Hey Lyn!
    I really want to see that movie. Jake does too. Glad to hear that it's good!
    I sure do wish we could have some of that rain. !09 with the heat index today. I am in the house!
    Love Di ♥

  2. It's really as good as touted, but with that cast who could not like it?

    I'd share the rain if I could, Di! Our rainfall is so slight that the monsoon season is a blessing for us. And Lawdy, I'm glad I am not living with your temps and heat index!!!


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