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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hairy legs, LAWDY!!

I think I should shave my legs. Soon. Very soon.

What do you think?

Max is gonna help.

OK, I admit, it isn't hair. It's grass. And here is how I got it on my legs.

I gave up on trying to get the mower started. I'm going to have a "broken" rotator cuff if I don't quit yanking on that cord! So I got out the weed eater and "mowed" the grass with it. Not too efficient, not a nice even finish on the lawn, but at least it isn't twelve inches tall!

Here's the story: Three years ago I bought my mower. I decided that I didn't need the electric starter, because I could pull the cord to start it. And I didn't have a lot of problem in the beginning. However, I've used it ten or twelve times, three or four times each year I've lived here. And it seems to be more difficult each year. When I get it out for the first time every year, I have a LOT of trouble getting it started, and then it is OK for the rest of the season.

This year, I've tried for four days to start the dang thing, without success. And my shoulder is getting so sore I can hardly stand it. I've decided I need to sell this one and buy an electric. With my little patch of grass, I don't need anything heavy duty, but I need something that will start!!

I also finished the railing on the ramp today. WHEW! Now all I have to do is replace a ton of floor boards on the ramp. sighhh. There is never an end to the work.

And then, there is the scrub oak.

And planting seeds.

And painting the well house.

And refinishing the deck.

And paining the deck.

And touch up painting inside the house.

Oh my.


  1. I wonder if pygmy goats might help. They eat grass, don't they? I'm not sure how they get along with dogs though.

  2. Lions and tigers and lawnmowers, oh my! I used to mow our yard but Jake won't let me anymore since my strokes. And there was an incident with a brand new lawn mower that I don't wish to discuss right now. It's just too embarrassing for me!
    Lyn your yard looks almost exactly like a section of mine. Same shape. I am grateful for my son who came and mowed for me today. Jake will do it when he gets home next weekend.
    I really did enjoy mowing but do remember almost pulling my shoulder out of socket trying to start it. You should get an electric one.
    Your deck rails are lookin' awesome gurl!! I'm not giving up on that plant yet. If I can't find the tag, I just may go buy another!
    Love Di ♥

  3. Now be honest normally do let the hair on your legs grow that long. :)

    The other day my landlady and I were talking and she said that since she has retired she has never been so busy. I laughed and told her about you and how you usually do more in one day then I do all week.

  4. Dave, goats would help, however, then I would have NO grass! Those little critters are truly "hay burners"!!

    Di, we had a riding mower in KC, and I loved to do the lawn. I know I wouldn't want a big yard here, so I didn't bring it. I can't wait to hear your story about the mower some time! And yeah, I gotta get an electric; this one is killing me.

    I appreciate the efforts on the little plant. So much trouble! but it's a beautiful little thing, isn't it?

    Caroline, remember this .... when a person is working a full time job, that doesn't leave a lot of time to do the stuff that takes me all day to do! But, yes, I also create thing for myself to do.

    And really, did you have to blurt that out about my poor shaving habits? sheesh.


  5. Just shave the right leg; the left one can still go awhile. Good move NOT breaking a rotator cuff. I've done that twice, and, believe me, you don't want to go through it.

  6. Snowbrush, ;D good suggestion! And, while I've not had such an injury, I don't want it, because I understand it is one of the most miserable states of being. When I began feeling uncomfortable today, I decided to heck with that!

  7. I got a little tired reading this.-:) Also I think my legs have looked like that before, but it wasn't grass....

  8. Trust me, Julie, mine have looked that ways without grass, too!

  9. Your list reminds me of mine. I think I'll stop making lists and just do the thing that's right in front of me. Not worry about the rest. But that would be a whole new me!

  10. The thing is, Mary Ann, if I don't list and prioritize, the important stuff gets pushed back! I might walk out one day and fall right through my deck!


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