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Friday, June 11, 2010

Fun and slightly frantic Friday

A busy day ahead .... and some already behind, too. Not all fun, but it is in the right order, work this morning and fun afternoon and evening! Do I plan well or what??

I started the day by disinfecting and cleaning the dishwasher. I bought one of those things that you put in the dishwasher and run it through a cycle. I've never done that, and I'm impressed! The inside of the thing looks brand new! Amazing!

Now I have the water system under treatment. It involves bleach and a long wait, but isn't difficult. While it is sitting and doing its magic, I'm doing a little house cleaning. It doesn't need so much cleaning as just some straightening. I have several clutter piles that I'm addressing. I hate decluttering, but I love the result! In another half hour I will be done, and I can move on to another task.

That next task is burning some old documents for protection. I have a paper shredder, but these would take too long and totally wear out the machine. It's old investments and other papers that tend to pile up in the file cabinet and choke the life out of me and the cabinet. It will be good to be rid of them. I'll have to do this a couple more times, as I have a similar amount of my late husband's old documents, and then some old client files. The client files I'm required to keep for a certain time after I closed my case files, and many are that old, but in addition, most of them were water damaged and are unreadable now anyway. I don't think the powers that be will find me now anyway. I've moved several times and changed my name. Gee, that sounds bad, doesn't it? LOL!

This afternoon, a friend, Sandy, is coming to spend the weekend. She is showing her work and demonstrating how she does it at a fabric artists event in Ruidoso on Saturday. Then on Sunday and Monday, she and Linda are going to work on dying and/or painting some silk kimonos that Linda got from Japan. I'm going to go and watch them work. I'm interested in just seeing the process and watching how each will personalize her own piece.

Tonight I'm going to a First Birthday party for the daughter of a former coworker. I'm looking forward to that. I know, a birthday party for a one year old doesn't sound like a big deal, but it is going to involve a collection of the adults in her life, mostly my friends. This is a baby that shouldn't have been possible. The mom had breast cancer and figured that the treatment had left her sterile. Imagine her shock .... followed quickly by her delight .... of my friend when she learned she was pregnant! In her mid 30s, with that medical history, it is a super blessing!

After that, Linda and I will probably take Sandy out to dinner. We may cook in, but however it happens, we will have fun. When we get together, it is always fun, and we find more ways to enjoy each other than I can tell you. Sandy lives at Elephant Butte, NM, and she met us along I-25 to go to Albuquerque on a recent shopping trip. Having her along added to our already fun schedule. Linda and I will be going over to Sandy's in the next few weeks for a visit, too. Lots in the future!

OK, I need to get busy again. G'day, y'all!!


  1. Have fun!!! Birthday parties are always fun no matter the age because there is always cake.

    I love the new look of your blog.

  2. I know you will miss Linda, but it's not like she's moving far away. Sounds like you gals will have a great weekend though. Enjoy your birthday party.

    ~hippo hugs~

  3. Oh Lyn you are always so busy. Do you ever find the time to rest? I just read your next post and you can be sure that I will say a prayer for your niece. I know how hard it can be to enjoy your company when you have other things on your mind. I will pray that all works out for her.
    Love Di ♥

  4. C, you and your romance with birthday cake!! LOL! Thanks! I'm liking it,m too! I needed a fresh look.

    Pam, it's all good. At our age, it is hard to adjust to living with someone new, and just as hard to see 'em go!

    Moni, thanks, and back atcha!!

    Di, I rest more than it seems. After all,, I'm on the computer a lot, right? LOL! And thanks for the prayer.

  5. I hope you have a fantabulous weekend.


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