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Thursday, June 10, 2010


I'm without a "roommate" again. Linda left this morning, moving into her new digs. I'll miss her, but it is also good to have the house to myself again. Her last trip to her car involved her carrying the birdcage with her two finches in it. Max will miss them. He often got up and looked in their cage, gently patted the cage with his paw, and watched them as they skittered around the cage. He didn't make any attempts to harm them, as far as I could tell, just loved watching them. He watched intently as Linda walked down the steps with the cage of his little feathered buddies put them in the car, and drove off. As she exited the driveway, he gave a little noise he does when he is trying to communicate with us, almost a question in the tone. Then he whirled around and looked at me for a moment and back to watching the car disappear. He sat down with a heavy sigh. I swear he knew his little friends were leaving. Strange little dog!

Before she left, Linda did a thorough cleaning of her "quarters." The guest room was vacuumed, dusted, had fresh linens, and was back to it's usual condition, and the bathroom was spotless, even the rugs and towels washed. Yay! I don't have to do that!

I spent the morning doing some housekeeping of my own. One thing was to shampoo a few spots in the carpet that I wasn't completely happy with. I don't think I mentioned it, but while we were in Roswell the other day, I bought a carpet shampooer. I decided that I should. I've spent enough on rentals to buy three or four of my own! I cleaned the carpet a couple days later, and it looked much better than it does after a rental, and my machine is way easier to use. The spots I cleaned today were places that I think I concentrated too much soap, and they just didn't look right. Today I put the machine on "Rinse" just to remove any soap, and it looks like I was right. The spots look like the rest of the carpet now. And my carpet, as a whole, looks better than it has looked in a long, long time! I love having the machine here to do a spot, a room, or the whole house, as my need is.

My next big project .... well actually, there are projectS .... is to build a retaining wall of sorts, in an area on the hill in my garden where I can plant a fountain grass. The last one I had was planted in a bad place, I think. I lost it after last winter because it was in a shaded area where the snow remained on it from November till April. So I'm replacing it, but putting it in an area that will get sun to melt any heavy snow. I have to make a "pocket" where I can put dirt and keep it from sliding down the hill. To answer your question, yes, there are some places to put it where I wouldn't have to do as much work, but this spot is perfect and really needs something special. It will be worth it in the long run. I'm waiting a couple days, because it is going to be cooler over the weekend, and it won't be so hard on me.

Another project is to get back on the dang ol' scrub (or shrub) oak. But you KNEW that was still on my list, right? I don't know if I will ever get it really taken care of. Look at these pictures:

Every thing that is green and does NOT have a trunk is scrub oak. I doesn't look bad, nice and green. But left to its own, it will squeeze out everything else.

So like it or not, I need to attack this stuff. I will leave a perimeter of it for the deer. They like to eat it, and I will leave enough for their snacks. The rest of it has gotta go.

I gotta go. It is way past dinner time, and I'm getting hungry! Y'all take care!


  1. Have you ever noticed that we are both constantly on the go and working?
    Maybe you should read my latest post!!!! Love Di ♥

  2. Di, I read it just before I checked here! LOL! Yes!!!

  3. Oh...I am so sorry that Linda moved out. But I know that she is probably happy to be in her own place. How nice that she cleaned the room and all the linens. Which room was she staying in? When I was there I stayed in the room that was all the way in the back and had the half circle window. Was she in that room or the other one?

    As soon as you rest up a little you are always on the go and doing more projects. Don't are retired!!!

  4. C, she was staying in the other room, which is now a guest room, not a storage room! The room you stayed in is an office and craft room. I hope one day to rearrange things enough so that I can have a futon or something like that in the office, too. Can't yet; I have lots of old photos to scan before I can get rid of the originals and a few similar tasks to clean and clear in that room.

    It is odd without her here this evening, but nice, too. A couple times i had thoughts about when she would be home or something like that! The Kids are certainly quieter. I think they are missing her. After 3 months, they probably do.

    And yes .... busy, busy, busy! Anyone who thinks retirement means a rocking chair is completely misinformed!!

  5. Max watching her go and sighing makes me tear up!!!

    Good luck on the landscaping. The deer will surely appreciate that!

  6. I imagine you are really going to miss all of the reality shows she watched. :)

  7. Patti, it made me sad, too. People who think dogs don't have emotions have not lived with one.

    Caroline, oh yeah! I miss them already! I'm having symptoms of withdrawal! [smirk]


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