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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Sometimes I make good decisions

Boy, am I glad I came home when I did!

I went to WallyWorld, Walgreens, and the dog food store, and headed home. I considered stopping for lunch somewhere, then decided against it. As I drove home I noticed the clouds were building, but there was not a really threatening one. When I got here, I carried groceries and other sundry things in, unloaded 250 pounds of salt into the water softener tank, and then hefted the 40 pound bag of dog food onto the deck.

It began sprinkling, just very, very lightly while I was doing this, and I began putting groceries away. I noticed there had been a power outage, apparently as I was carrying groceries in, just three minutes before. And suddenly there were two more momentary outages in a row, and then ...........

All hell broke loose!

It rained so hard I couldn't hear myself when I spoke to the dogs! Jazi was frantic, and I was trying to calm her down while I finished putting the refrigerated things away. I truly couldn't hear anything but R.A.I.N!!! It has now been about 30 minutes and it is still raining hard, although not as hard as those first five or so minutes.

Before I left, I had closed most of the windows to just a crack, preparing for heat, not rain, so I knew it was OK. I sat down to calm Jazi, and about 20 minutes into the rain, I wondered if Linda had closed the window in the guest room. No. And the edge of the bed is wet. Sigh.

If I had stopped for lunch it might have been so much worse. I would still be waiting to carry in groceries, and the bed would have been much wetter. The salt bags always have some small holes so the salt would have been messy. The dog food would have been wet, because they cut the bar code off as proof of purchase (I'm in a "buy 10 and get one free" program) and they are careful to not cut the whole way through, but it would have leaked. Jaz would have been completely freaked by the time I got home. And after all that, I would be enormously grumpy!!

Yeah, I'm glad I came home when I did!


  1. I'm sure glad that you did get home when you did. Poor little Jaz, storms freak my dogs out.

  2. WOW! I'm glad you made the decision you did, especially for Jaz. My Frazier was absolutely terrified of loud noises. Someday I'll tell you the whole sad story of his stroke and death due to, I believe, skeet shooting. That is for another day.

    Glad you are safe and dry and hoping Jaz is no worse for wear.

    ~hippo hugs~

  3. Ahhh....I think I we are getting that storm day after tomorrow.

    The forecast is for hard rain. Never seen them add the word 'hard' to the rain forecast so I am expecting it to be interesting.

  4. So glad you made it home okay. Isn't it amazing how many times we do the best thing for us and not always the fun thing.

  5. I'm glad you came home when you did too! It was raining on and off like that for the last couple of days here. I did manage to get some of my heavier flower pots moved to a new spot in the yard and some weed whacking done between downpours. My new 'soon to be' son inlaw even got the ladder out and climbed up and cleaned out one of gutters on the garage that was full of leaves. Now when it rains the water isn't over pouring onto my flowerbed smashing my bloomers.

  6. So glad you made it home before the skies opened up. And I know the babies were really happy you were there during the storm.

    I used to love rain storms, but now when it rains I just worry that my house is going to sink. :)

  7. Moni, I feel so sorry for the pups that are afraid of noise. We live in a very noisy world, poor babies.

    Pam, I never heard of that happening with a dog, but I guess it happens to them, too, just like their human family members. Wow.

    Mary, this was certainly "hard"! I'll bet it lasts longer for you than it did here.

    MJ, yes, the "responsible me" won out today. But those times when I chose the fun option and it works out .... woooweeeeeee!

    Mel, I got the last of the planting done after the rain today. Whew. Oh, wait! No, I still have one potted plant to get in the ground, but it is going to require some "building." I need to stack some rocks on a hillside in my garden to retain a red fountain grass. THEN I'll be done!

    Caroline, since I've had a storm-fearing dog for over 20 years now, I'm pretty used to it, and it is just part of the routine.

    And about that sink hole in your yard .... yeah, that would worry me, too! That would drive me crazy! Have you thought about moving?

  8. I love those 'in the nick of time' moments. So glad you didn't stop either! That is super weird how quick and hard the rain came!

  9. Me, too! And in our part of the country, rain is welcome anytime, hard or soft!

  10. Well for cryin' out loud, I did leave you a comment this morning Damn it! What I said was that it was a good call on your part not to stop for lunch! And that my Roxy is like Jazi, she shakes , trembles and whines when there is a storm until I sit and hold her. Ruby on the other hand gets P.O.'d and barks at the thunder!
    Love Di ♥

  11. Di, it's funny. Jaz doesn't really want to be held, but she wants me to sit still so she can melt into the side of me!

  12. I'm so glad you made it home when you did. I think we had that storm here last night and I could feel the walls tremble. Poor Daisy was scared out of her mind. If she could have disappeared into me she would have.

    I really dislike thunder and lightening storms and am so glad when they are over!


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