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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saaaaave the last plant for me!



This morning was reasonably cool, and while the area was in the shade of a big juniper tree, I decided to work a while on the retaining wall for the Red Fountain Grass. The retainer went together much faster than I thought. I was expecting to work on it a while today, then to add to it over the next two or three days, but I couldn't believe how well it fell into place. It seems I had picked out the perfect collection of stones, as they went into place without me having to reset even one. Talk about dumb luck!

I was able to put all the stones together, add dirt and gravel while sprinkling to fill the cracks between stones, and then fill the newly created receptacle and plant the grass in about an hour! I was warm, but not miserably hot, and not too tired, either!

Here is the grass with a Red Hot Poker in the background.

The grass with a spray of water on it and the sun catching the spray.

One of my cacti is blooming. I love the blossoms.

The Spanish broom is blooming! Yay!!

A broom blossom against the sky. These smell so sweet, very delicate and so nice.

I'm going to go and get ready now to go into town to see Sandy's demonstration at the art show and then we are going to meet Linda for dinner. I'll talk to you guys later.


  1. I love your plants and those pretty rocks on your retaining wall. I am sure you will enjoy the rest of your day, make the most of it!!!

  2. They all look so beautiful Lyn. I love the cactus. I wanted to work outside today but it was 105 with the heat index, it sucks!
    Love Di ♥

  3. Moni, I hope I can get a better picture of it soon. To do that today, I had to stand in the sprinkler, and, well, that just wasn't happening! I'll be happy when all the new plants really take root and being to show. I think it is going to be so pretty out there, and almost no maintenance. I'll love that!

    Di, I was really fortunate today, as the actual temp was around 80° or 82° while I was out, and I was working in the shade. Because of the dryness in our part of the country, the heat index was, if anything, below that. I wouldn't have been outside with your weather, either!

  4. love it. looks awesome. i really enjoyed the orange flower!!


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