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Monday, June 14, 2010

Busy, fun weekend

Well, I've been an absentee blogger, haven't I? But I was a good host to my company.

Sandy arrived here Friday afternoon and went to set up for the show/demonstration that was on Saturday. Then she came to the house and we went to the birthday party for that sweet little one year old. It was fun. Linda and I got to see lots of our friends, and Sandy was able to meet many of our friends that she had not known before. We planned to go to dinner after the party, but there was enough food to make us elect to just go home and let what we ate settle in our tummies.

Sandy was up early, and Sandy and I sat on the deck for a couple hours, enjoying our coffee and the early morning birds, hummingbirds, the soft morning air, and lots of chat. The pups had already accepted her and enjoyed taking turns on our laps and playing with each other and us. It was just a relaxed time. Then she was off the Ruidoso for the show at the Hubbard Museum of the American West. They have very good exhibits, and this was a one day collection of spinners, weavers, silk painters and other fabric artists. I worked in my garden, as I said in the earlier post, then showered and went into town mid afternoon. I really enjoyed the show very much.

When the show was finished, I helped Sandy pack up and load her car, and we drove a few blocks to our newest favorite restaurant, the Magic Forest. Yes, I know. It sounds like one of those places with noisy animal sounds, fake trees overhead and lots of kids. But this one is not like that. It's actually a fairly normal cafe with minimal decorating with a fantasy twist and some excellent food. As always, the food was excellent, and we brought half of it home. Oh, I forgot to admit that I brought some of it home in order to make room for a huge slice of hummingbird cake! I brought half of that home, too.

Sunday morning, we enjoyed the deck again. We dressed and drove to Lincoln for breakfast at the lovely B&B. Such a nice place and good food, too. (Yes, Caroline, it's the one you make me promise to take you to!) We had a leisurely meal, then returned to Linda's shop in Capitan. Linda and Sandy were doing a long-planned session of dyeing some silk kimonos that Linda got from Japan via eBay. They were gorgeous to begin with, completely unadorned. The dyes came out of boxes and off shelves, the kimonos were pinned to the work tables, and they went to work. I enjoyed watching and taking pictures.

I took pictures with Sandy's camera on Saturday. I'd left mine at home. I missed mine with the swiveling viewfinder which makes it possible to take good pictures from above and at odd angles, something not possible with Sandy's camera. It was more difficult than I preferred, but I got some done. I'll be interested in hearing from Sandy how they turned out.

They worked on their projects all day Sunday. I came home around 4:00 and fixed dinner for the three of us and a couple more friends. This gave Sandy a chance to visit in a casual setting. We sat on the deck to visit and to eat, and it was really nice. I grilled margarita chicken, had baked beans (I cheated; out of the can, but Bush's Grilling Beans don't need anything more!), carrot/apple salad with raisins, craisens, cherry craisens and pecans, and a tossed greed salad. It was amazing, if I do say so!

Everyone left by around 9:00, but Sandy and I sat up talking till midnight, without even realizing it. Then we were up early again today for the second day of dyeing. We had breakfast at the Smokey Bear cafe in Capitan, and I spent the day shooting more pictures of their work. Here are a few, but they don't do justice, trust me.

Linda and Sandy have very different styles, although both are painters and dyers of silk.

Linda's kimono is very vivid, vibrant colors.

While Sandy's are softer colors, more "ethereal," as Linda says.

I like both.

Neither is finished. The first couple layers of color (dye) dried today, but both ladies will apply several more layers of color before they are finished. I can't wait to see the end product!

Sandy went home after lunch today. We had such a great time! I'll be planning a trip to her place this summer. Linda and I will probably go together, but if she doesn't want to take some time off from the shop, I'll go on my own.

What a fun weekend it has been. And now I'm ready to rest for a few days! But only till we hit the road to Santa Fe next Monday!


  1. They are beautiful! It sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  2. So glad you had fun with your friends and 'hit the road to santa fe' - I feel sure that is a song title somewhere!

  3. Pepper, they both do beautiful work, for sure. And yes, we all had a very good time. Can't wait for the next time!

    Patti, let's see.
    "I'm gonna hit the road to Santa Fe,
    Take pictures all along the way,
    Just follow the road where it may wind.
    I'll see the cacti and the wild flowers,
    And chat away the travel hours,
    And climb the biggest mountain I can find. [in my truck, of course!]"

    Dare I go on? LOL!

  4. Gosh you make me tired Lyn! But I am so glad that you've been having fun. The Kimonos are beautiful!
    I need to know, what is Hummingbird pie? Love Di ♥

  5. You have had such a fun filled packes summer and it's not even half over, sounds like so much fun.

  6. Di, a hummingbird cake is sort of like a spice cake with pineapple and banana, with cream cheese icing and chopped pecans smushed into the icing all around the sides. It is soooo good!

    MJ, my life ends up being pretty packed all the time! I don't know what happens, but it gets there every time!

  7. O.K. Wheres my Piece?
    Love Di ♥


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