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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I was working on repairing the deck, or rather the ramp to the deck, today, and I got a boo-boo. But you expected that, right? That's me.

I was trying to get the old rotten post out of the ground to put the new one in. I'm having trouble getting it out, and I was pulling on it, wiggling it, etc. At one point, I slipped while I was pulling, and I was about to fall forward, so I threw my hand down to catch myself, and I unfortunately put it on top of the splintered post. All my weight was on it, and I immediately knew it was not a good thing. I'm very glad to say I had on leather gloves, as I always wear them while I'm doing that kind of work. If I hadn't had them on, I'm quite sure I would have driven those nasty, long splinters of rotten wood into my palm. As it is I only have a deep bruise. Hurts like hell, but it is better than the alternative! I've taken extra strength Tylenol and put a pain-relief rub on it, and I'm feeling much better. I doubt I'll be doing much on the deck tomorrow.

Just so you know, I do not run with scissors. Honest.


  1. Only you, only you. :)

    Glad you didn't get hurt too bad. You are smart for wearing gloves. I hate wearing gloves when I do work, so if that had happened to me I am sure I would be in the ER to have a million splinters removed.

  2. I'm glad I didn't, too! I don't think it would have been removing splinters, but more like trying to stop bleeding and having multiple stitches! Those are seriously sharp and huge spears! I've learned to wear the gloves for a number of reasons, and self-injury is at the top if the list!

  3. I hope the person/company that has your life insurance policy doen't read your blog. Your rates would triple. :)

  4. Lyn...that is one ugly looking piece of splintered wood that could have caused you a lot of damage if you hadnt been smart enough to wear the gloves. Good move!!

  5. Oh you bad, bad girl!
    Since you wore leather gloves, I WILL forgive you.
    You old silly broad!
    Today Katie stepped on our deck and her foot went right through it!
    We used pressed board this year, again!
    Next year hopefully we can afford the good wood! In the mean time, I am going to put a piece of tile in the spot that rotted!!
    Whatever works, Ya know?!
    Love Di ♥

  6. Haaa! Me, too, Caroline!

    Ruth, I know. I was very thankful it happened as it did. Whew.

    Di, OMG! I hope Katie wasn't hurt! One time that happened at our house in KC when a guest's foot went through the deck! We didn't even know it was bad! sheesh!

  7. You are much smarter than me - I would have never worn gloves.

    and sure you don't run with scissors... sure..... ;)

  8. If you watched any of the "This Old House" episodes, you would have seen that the 'master carpenters' always had their share of cuts, bruises and dings. Wear that bruise like a badge of honor. You deserve it.

  9. Thanks, Dave, I'm trying to be proud of it, but it hurts! In a day or two, I will figure out how to get that dang post out. Yes, I will!


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