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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm a bad "mom"!!

I really am!! I lost one of my babies for about 6-7 hours and didn't even know it!!

Apparently when I fed the birds and cleaned their water this morning, one of them got out. They always flip and flop around the cage in a dither when I stick my hands in the cage, and I thought nothing of it. After I finished, I sat down on the couch a few feet from them to have my coffee. I noticed they were all singing and chirping, and I thought they must be happy to have fresh water and food or they were hearing and calling to the birds outside. Off and on today, they have continued to do that, but I just didn't pay attention.

Then at about 3:00 I walked to the table to put finishing touches on a birthday card I made for a friend, and as I got close, I saw a wee little finch sitting on my "green" shopping bags, folded after a trip to the market yesterday. I got the net and walked back, expecting to have to chase him all over the house, but he stayed put as I slowly moved the net close the just gently laid it over him.

The other birds were beside themselves when I put him back in the cage! They all scooted up next to him on one of the perches and everyone chattered about his big adventure!

After all this, I remembered that Max had been hanging out around the table off and on all day. Several times he was under the table, others he was just sitting looking at it. I wondered what what his problem, and now I know!!

So the baby birdies are all back together and happy! I offer proof!!

There they are!!

See? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!!!

Can I ever be forgiven?


  1. At first I thought you were talking about one of the dogs!!! My heart jumped!
    I think you can be forgiven, as I can see how easily this could happen. It looked like she was so happy to be home after her big adventure. She obviously feels safe with you too.

  2. Cheryl, I could not believe I didn't know she was out for so long! I'm guessing she was on the table the whole time. Yeah, I think even the birds feel this is home. :)

  3. Ha!! How funny. I am sure he loved his little adventure out and about all day. But just like when we go on vacation, there is nothing like going home. I am sure his buddies were jealous seeing him have a little bit of freedom.

  4. Honestly, he looked lonely and maybe scared when I found him. I was really happy that they had talked to each other all day long .... even if I didn't know that was what they were doing!

  5. Reminds me of tweetie bird and sylvester the cat, except sylvester is Max the dog.

  6. Max is sorta cat-like in a few ways!


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