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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rain, rain, and other stuff

Gonna be busy today. I'm having lunch with some friends so we can plan some little trips. We began talking at the last potluck, and the idea just sorta popped. We talked about a number of places we would like to visit around the State and in nearby states. One friend is my neighbor who has a small RV that can sleep up to six, although we recognize that four is probably enough for any given time because sleeping six and having room for six when we are up and moving around are two very different things!

We are from our 50s to 70s. We are planning fairly short trips to places that are a pretty easy drives and will probably spend just 1-3 days at a site and return home. It was interesting when we talked before that we have so many common interests, places that we haven't visited or visited many years ago: Carlsbad Caverns, Chaco Canyon, Bandelier National Park, Mesa Verde (CO), The Four Corners area, Grand Canyon and Petrified Forest (AZ), The Gila Wilderness, etc.

Today we hope to get down to some more serious plans, actually settling on some locations and schedules established. I'm very excited!  I think it will be a lot of fun!

This evening I'm going to a meeting with artist friends. It is the final planning meeting before a big event next week. There is an artists studio tour next weekend, and the kick-off event is a pre-tour glimpse at the local fine arts theater. Artists will display one or two items at the event, and the community can come to get a peek while having noshes and sips. I'm going to be helping with the noshes and sips, although I don't know exactly what I'll be doing. I'll probably be setting up tables with the food or something of the sort. I know that volunteers sometimes even pass trays of food in the crowd. I 'spect I'll find out tonight what I'll be doing. Well, if they are organized, and if not, I'll find out next week when I show up! Whatever!

Tomorrow will be a slower day, but I'm ending the day with a fun event, too. My friend Zoƫ is celebrating a birthday, and 7-8 of us are taking her out to dinner. I'm looking forward to it. It's basically the group I've had Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner with the past couple years, as well as a couple other birthdays through the year, and we always have lots of fun together. It will be a good time, for sure.

It looks like we will have rain again today. The clouds have overcast the sky in the last hour or so, and I think I heard a slight rumble a few minutes ago. Jaz is snoozing, so perhaps it was something else. The sun periodically peeks out so who knows. I hope it doesn't rain a lot. The Rio Ruidoso is already running too full. It is nowhere near me (in fact, no river is close to me), but it is a bad sign when the rivers begin to be that full. The forecast is for heavy rains, flash flooding expected, today and tomorrow. I'll probably stick to the house tomorrow except for the dinner.


On a different note, and a big change of topic, I'm wondering where everyone is???? Caroline mentioned this recently, too. I'm having visitors, but usually few comments. Occasionally, I have a bunch of comments on a post that seems to touch people, but otherwise it seems very slow. I know with summer's end coming into view, we are all busy and preoccupied with stuffing things into these last days before we return to the school-year schedules. When I look at my trackers, I see that I'm still having quite a few people stopping by, but not many of you are leaving comments. I understand. There are lots of times when I read someone's blog and the topic doesn't grab me or inspire a witty comment. However, I enjoy hearing from you when you stop by, so occasionally would you leave me a note, even if it's just "Hi!"?? I admit to needing to have my ego stroked!

And that being said, I need to get my booty in gear and get a few things done and then get ready for the lunch. I'll be seein' ya!!


  1. I will confess that summer's activities has been keeping me from spending much time in the blogosphere of late.

    But I'll be very interested in hearing about any camping excursions you may take. I'm considering buying a camper of my own so the missus and I can do some serious traveling some day.

  2. So chatting with me on FB isn't enough? Looking forward to reading about your little trips. I love New Mexico - and Chaco Canyon is on our "to do" list. We're going to do a trip that starts at Navajo NM in Arizona, then goes to Chinle/Canyon de Chelly, then Chaco Canyon, and then end up at Navajo Lake so Don can fish the San Juan River.

  3. How fun that you guys are going to be going on some small trips. Sounds like a lot of fun!!!! I am so glad that you have found a great group of friends there.

  4. Dave, I've thought about getting a tent trailer, the pop-up kind, so I can take off with The Kids or friends. The trouble is, I need to learn to back up a trailer before that is gonna work!

    Cyndi, you silly! I know it is kinda whiny, because so many of my blog-friends are also FB-friends. But that's who I am. Your trip sounds marvelous!! The Chinle-Canyon de Chelly area is breathtaking! Do you realize I grew up in Farmington, just a few miles from Navajo Lake? I was there while the dam was being built and the reservoir was filling up. Stompin' grounds!!

    Caroline, I think it is going to be fun, too. It is a congenial group, and we've all agreed to not razz each other about snoring! LOL!

  5. Don't worry about me disappearing, I'm really hard to get rid of. As a matter of fact many have referred to me as that pain in the !&# woman.
    Besides, when I have trouble sleeping I just read your posts.

    No not because they are boring, they aren't! They just wear me out! Geez Lyn, it seems you hardly ever rest!!! Love Di ♥

  6. Di, I know people are busy, I just like hearing from everyone occasionally. :) And about being busy .... take your pick: I'm either going on the old saw that says "Idle hands are the devil's workshop," or it's simply a great way to stave off old age!! LOL!

  7. I haven't picked up my laptop lately and when I do, it's about all I can do to read.

  8. MJ, yep there are times like that, for sure.

  9. Hey Lyn...I'm still reading your blog....right now in a little one horse town called Newberry MI which is about 1 hour south of Sault Ste Marie MI so we are getting closer to the Cdn border. After we cross we are about 8 hrs from home...........yippee!!!!

  10. Hi Lyn, I love hearing about all of your little trips and your plans. Sometimes I am just miles away and enjoy reading but neglect to comment. Been a little busy around here.

  11. Moni, I knew everyone is busy, and I knew it would sound whiny on my part, but I do love hearing from all my friends out there. :)

  12. Ruth, I didn't see your comment there! Hey, travel safely, and be home for the baby-dog!!

  13. Lots of stuff going on in your world. I think the trip thing sounds like loads of fun. You never let any grass grow under your feet.

    Carlsbad Caverns is on my "Bucket List" as well. I'll be anxious to hear about it from you.

    I'm with you about not having many comments. I know I've been a bad blogger lately, but it seems no one misses me.

    I do appreciate your visits though.

    Take care and enjoy all the fun things you have lined up.

    ~hippo hugs~

  14. Pam, I do stay busy, but I have to say there are a bunch of others out there that do, too, including you!

    I was at the Caverns 40 years ago, and it is wonderful, but I want to go back again. It is such an amazing place! Keep it on your list!

  15. I have had trouble accessing your site because it would lock up. I uninstalled adobe flash player and voila'. -S

    P.S. love the art

  16. Interesting. I wonder why that solved the problem. And how the heck did you know to do that???? You must be smarter than I am!

    Thanks! I can't wait to have it framed and hung!


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