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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Today is much better

Boy, am I glad I got my Face back. Last night I was frustrated to exhaustion. After dealing with the uncooperative Facebook for hours, I was in the mood for .... well, nothing. I tried eating the dinner I'd fixed, but it tasted like paste. I tasted it this morning, and it is fine; apparently, frustration tastes like paste. I couldn't read, I couldn't watch TV, nothing held my attention.

I was just so burned. I decided I would just ignore the whole thing for a couple days. I thought that perhaps a couple days, perhaps I'd have the patience to deal with it, and FB would have cooled it's resistance, too.

After sleeping, I signed on this morning, read my email and checked out the blogs, and I wondered .... should I try it? No. I walked away from the computer.

I had a bite of breakfast, a second cup of coffee and took a second look at email. I decided "Why not?" I took a big breath (I honestly did!), promised myself that I would not go past more than the one attempt if it did not work, and I signed on. Sure enough, I got the message that the account was temporarily suspended. I walked through the process for restoration again. I noticed that this time I got a different code, so I tried it and .... voilĂ !!

Once I was signed on, I was afraid it was going to pop up the dreaded "suspended" window again, as it was doing last night. Fortunately, I saw the post I did actually materialize! I finally began breathing normally again!

Aaaaaannnd thus all is well in the world of Lynilu once again. Today is another, a new, a beautiful day!

Mmmmmm it is raining again! It began just a couple minutes ago and it feels so good! I drove to the post office a while ago, and I noticed how beautifully green everything is. A daily shower, even if it last just a few minutes, does wonders, doesn't it? I absolutely love this time of the year.

I certainly don't want the humidity that comes with having a lush, green country side, but I do love seeing it when it looks this way.

This photo is a study in green and blue, isn't it? Ahhh.

The only problem with it is that with this rain I'm going to need to find a lawn mower that I can operate, and soon. My lawn is growing at crazy rates! I can't do the whole lawn with the weed eater too often, any more than I can keep stressing my shoulder trying to get the mower started. Sumptin's gotta give! My guess is that the "sumptin'" that will give is my pocketbook!

OK, I got stuff to do! Y'all have a loverly day!!


  1. Technology can be both a curse and a blessing, can't it? We haven't had rain in over a week and it's been H.O.T. I go out for a little bit early in the morning and that's it. I don't want to wish away summer, I just want temps in the 80's instead of high 90's!! Enjoy your summer rains!

  2. Oh boy, your first sentence is a mouthful! I've said the same before.

    I am enjoying the rains! We don't usually get much other than this time of year, so I'm always happy to have it.

  3. Your picture was a great study in green and blue!
    I keep hoping for rain here. It is so dry, I'm sure that my water bill will be high next month! They keep saying it may rain but it keeps missing us and it is so dry!
    I'm glad that you got the facebook thing figured out. I do the same when I get frustrated with a project. I just walk away from it. After awhile things usually look better! Love Di ♥

  4. Di, I remember those days in the Midwest when it is hot as Hades, humid as a steam bath, and yet no rain would cool it off. Out here, when it hasn't rained, it isn't humid!! whew!

    All is well once again!

  5. So glad to hear that your FB problems are behind you. Now I know what to do if this ever happens to me. :)

  6. Caroline, what would that be ...., cuss a lot??? LOL!


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