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Monday, August 30, 2010


I just realized another milestone we, the pups and I, have passed.

In the two and a half years since we've been a family, The Kids follow me everywhere. Well, except when I have the vacuum, the carpet cleaner, other noisy and terribly fearsome items, in my hands. The girls, Jazmyn and Lolita, are pretty much excluded here. They seem to be better acclimated to the comin's and goin's and other doin's of humans. Lola was in a home before she came to me, and Jaz is just very self-confident.

Sammy and Joey
Joey was next in being adjusted to living here. He follows me maybe 50% of the time. But Sammy and Max .... they follow me e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e!!!!

Those two stick to me to the degree that I often bump into them. Sammy especially. Both seem to be trying to be as close to my feet as possible, sometimes anticipating where I'm going, sometimes only being roadblocks. In the two and a half years, I've only rarely gone to the bathroom without three of them following me, sitting patiently outside the bathroom, and then following me back to the other part of the house. It's like having three balloons attached to my ankles, swirling and bouncing against my legs!

I can sometimes do things without them being right there, but only if I'm in their sight. As long as they can see me, it seems to be alright. They can sit in the living room while I'm in the kitchen, because they can see me.There is a line of sight from the kitchen to the bedroom, so I can be in one of those rooms and move to the other and it's OK. But around the corner, out of vision .... click-click-click .... here they come, nails against the tile, checking to be sure "da momma" hasn't left.

I know it comes from in their history. They were all abandoned, perhaps misused, and living a good life with me is somewhat unbelievable to them. When I'm out of sight, there is the old anxiety of being left once again. By keeping me in their view, they are sure I haven't deserted them. Leaving to go to town is a big deal. They all line up on the deck and have those sad puppy-eyes as I drive away. It all makes sense.

This morning, it has occurred to me that I've been able to leave a room, or go to the deck, or even go to the bathroom occasionally without them leaving wet nose-stamps on my calves! At least half the time, I can go to another room without a full entourage. If I'm not gone too long, and/or they can hear me in the other room, they are staying put!


It has been more prevalent in the last couple months, but as is usual, it has taken me a while to realize their achievements. It is nice to know that they are becoming more independent, more secure in their belonging with me, and realizing I'm here or I will return. They are also becoming more calm about my returns from short absences, too. It used to be that they went bananas every time I returned. Even a trip to the mailbox or dumpster which takes about 15 minutes, brought a riotous welcome home with all five of them on the deck barking, howling, jumping up and down, bouncing against the gate, etc. Now I can be gone a few hours and have just a few barks on my return, although they all cluster at the gate, waiting to be petted and acknowledged, of course. I think that's normal for any dog.

My babies have taken another big step. How amazing is it that they are finally, FINALLY feeling as if they have roots enough here to begin to detach a little from The Human? I'm really psyched to realize another accomplishment in their emotional adjustment.

As always .... but even more so today ....

.... Life is beautiful!!!!


  1. Congratulations, I'm very happy for you and for them! You've done good work. Bless you.

  2. Companionship is always a treasure. Often dogs are better than people. They seem to love you no mater what you do or don't do.

  3. Linda, thanks. There were times that I doubted being at this point, and I was discouraged and doubting my sanity for taking on all five. I'm so glad it did. The minor drawbacks are more than worth it!

    Merikay, it certainly is. The unconditional love is a blessing, and it leaves me astounded to realize how many humans don't accept and appreciate this from their pets. I'm glad they are with me; I love them back for all they give me.

  4. They are all so lucky to have found such a good home Lyn. But looking at those faces, I don't think that I could turn them away either! Which is how we ended up with Roxy. However Ruby is the one that clicks her nails all over following me around the house!She is very possessive. It's all good though, they are our babies after all!
    Love Di ♥

  5. Di, I can no longer look at I cry when I see the faces that I can't rescue. Seriously, I lose it! Yeah, our babies, big time!

  6. MaiTai is 17 and still follows me everywhere! That is unless she is fast asleep, her deafness has allowed me to "sneak" past her! She follows me and generally only me. But as A has gotten to be about my size, MT will follow her sometimes, too! ILY

  7. Now that K is not at home so much, is she becoming even more your baby again? I can just see MT's face when she is following "you" and she realizes it is A!!! ILYB

  8. Awesome. It's been fun hearing about all the accomplishments that the kids have made.

  9. They amaze me at times! I'm so proud of them!

  10. My cat Pumpkin used to follow me around. She could actually wake herself up and follow me and then plop down and go back to sleep near me. I lived in a studio apartment when I first got her so she really could see me no matter where she was but that wasn't good enough. Bless her heart.

    As she got older she was less clingy but still oriented towards me more than most cats would be. Even when she had cancer she never hid, never left me until the last day or two before she was put down.

    Oh. She was the love of my life. She was so devoted/dysfunctionally attached!

  11. Mary, sometimes it seems like a pain, but truth be known, I'm so glad to know they are devoted/dysfunctionally attached!


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