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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Misty, rainy, chilly day

I went to Roswell this morning. I really did not want to because of the weather. It was cloudy, grey, threatening rain, and in fact the forecast said to expect thunderstorms. I hated leaving Jazi with her fear of storms, but I had no choice. I had some banking things to do that I've been putting off for ten days, and I just needed to get it done.

As I was leaving, I noticed the Capitan Mountains, shrouded in misty clouds. So pretty.  I watched this for quite a while, then drove through the valleys in the foothills, misty, but not foggy, and really enjoyed the experience. It misted and rained on me the whole drive, but not heavy.

In Roswell, it rained most of the time I was there. Sometimes it was just a minimal sprinkle, others it was a light rain. It never rained hard, but it was pretty constant. Then on the way home, it rained almost the whole time. The mountains were still obscured with  the clouds, and I fully expected to come home to a freaked out little dog. But no! When I got here, it appeared that it didn't do more than just sprinkle here, and very little of that! Odd!

And it was really chilly when I got here. At about 2:45 this afternoon, the temp was 57°. It's still that now, a little after 5:00. It's going to get down to the mid 40s tonight and tomorrow night. Yes, you heard/read that right, 46° tonight!! I had a cup of hot chocolate a bit ago, and it tasted so good!

I got my banking stuff taken care of and did a wee bit of shopping. Among a few other things, I bought the bags to pack in, the kind that you vacuum or squeeze the air out of. I'm going to do some "practice packing." I need to see how it fits to know what luggage I should take.

Tomorrow I will make my reservations. It is still two months away, but I'm probably going to be fidgeting about things till then! I have my traveling wardrobe planned, but I'll probably change it a few times between now and then. I am going to look at my luggage and see if I have one that will allow me to carry everything on with me so I don't have to worry about missing bags. The one I intended to take is about 5 inches too big (the total of height x length x depth) for most of the airlines to consider it carry-on. Drat. Oh, well, I'll work it out.

After I got home I putzed around the house for a while, and just a few minutes ago, I looked out front, and in my lower driveway was manna from heaven, a great gift! 

Do you see it down there?


It's a huge pile of 2x6s, dropped off by a neighbor. He is a contractor, and he knew I needed several of them to replace rotten boards in my handicap ramp. He told me he had a small job, replacing a deck/porch on a business, and he would save the good lumber for me! Hot damn! There is more than enough for what I needed now, and it will give me some left over to use for replacements in the future. I'm SO happy!! And at the same time, I'm dreading the chore ahead, 'cause I have no excuse for putting it off now!! I hadn't replaced them because I honestly couldn't afford to buy the boards. I was going to start buying one or two at a time when the weather cooled off. Well, guess what .... the weather is cool AND I have lumber! No excuses now!


  1. We had a major break in the heat here. Sophie got me up at 430am and when I took her out it was raining and I was actually chilly. And now there is no humidity and it's in the 60s. The low tonight is 54!!!! I have the a/c off and all the windows open. It's wonderful and I can't wait for the real fall to get here.

    How nice that your neighbor brought you some boards.

  2. What a good neighbor so think of you on the other job and same the lumber and then even deliver it! Will he also be helpful with the building? Good neighbors are worth their weight in gold and bad ones ~ lead. We have some of each at home base!

    We actually prefer driving on cloudy days and a little drizzle isn't much of a bother. Your description wording kind of reminded me of the day I walked on the beach near Forks, WA~one of my favorite days ever!

    I'm going to be "away" for several days... you'll probably see it on fb. C U when I "get back"! lol

    P.S. Don't forget about that 3 oz. rule on your carry on bag! It's so annoying!!!

  3. Cooler than normal day, here! Hope you have an awesome week.
    Blessings, andrea

  4. Caroline, it is such a relief, isn't it? I had to put on a long sleeved shirt a while ago, because my arms are cold, and started aching!

    Yep, he's a good guy, for sure. Guess I'd better offer him dinner or something to repay his kindness. :)

    MM, no, I can do the work myself. I'm just so appreciative he brought the wood! He's kinda an odd duck, but very sweet, so he gets into the gold category!

    I saw that you would be away for a few days. Check in when you get back! And yeah, I've already made a plan for those little annoying liquid things. I'm buying them after I get there!

  5. Andrea, it seems that things are cooling off in a large part of the country. And thank goodness! Glad you're more comfortable, too.

  6. Well, I think I should warn you about the carry-on situation. The airlines are becoming ridiculously fussy about carry-ons, even ones within the limits, especially if the flight is full, as most are these days. On my last trip, my carry-on was clearly undersized, so I was never hassled about it. Whew! (But I had nothing but 2 shirts, 2 pairs of shorts, underwear and a toothbrush for a week....)


  7. Oh dear, that wonderful lumber has work written all over it.

    Half the fun of taking a trip is planning it. Now you'll have 2 months to have fun before you leave.

  8. Betty, if I do this, I should have a very small bag, also. Although I plan to be gone about 2 weeks, I'm only taking a few clothes with plans to wash while there. If I have to check it I will, but I hope to avoid the hassle. We'll see how it goes.

    Linda, I know! And I'm actually eager to get started! Yeah, I know, there is a little bit of weird in that statement! And yes, I'm looking forward to the trip, even though I know I'll be a self-made idiot before I leave!

  9. Weather in the mountains can be like that, can't it? It's raining cats and dogs on one side, sun shining on the other. But I've never lived in mountainous terrain either. Just what I've heard.

    Roswell. That's one place in New Mexico I want to visit some day. That's where they landed, I hear.

  10. Our weather has cooled considerably and we are grateful for that as our Duck Race activities are always fun, but "hot". We are to have a week of 80s. Yesterday was so weird, very breezy and high of 67, cool, but weird!

  11. Dave, yes, it can be interesting, for sure. Just because you see clouds doesn't mean it is/will rain. One of my neighbors is probably 200-300 yards away from me but because of our different terrains in the two places, we often have very different weather. On on occasion I got a couple inches of snow and she got nearly a foot; another time I got 18" and she got 4-5". Crazy.

    And yes, Roswell is where they landed. I think some of them still live there. Ask any Roswellailen about it. They're very proud of it!

  12. Moni, yes, this cool-off is very nice. We are supposed to have low 70s all week, too, and I'm happy about that. Of course, I love cool weather, and I know you don't! Yesterday really caught me off guard, though.


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