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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Chuckling around my house today

I thought I'd share a couple laughs with you.

I keep a nice, durable Rubbermaid two-step stool in the bed to facilitate getting in and out of the bed of the truck. Most of the time I don't use it. I step on the tire or the bumper and throw my leg over the side. But occasionally, I'm feeling creaky, or I'm lifting something heavy up or down, and the stool comes in very handy.

I was just straightening the bed of the truck, and realized that I apparently left the stool in some parking lot in Albuquerque on Tuesday! I don't remember taking it out, but I am sure I must have at some point. So there is a step-stool holding a place in some parking lot for the next trip, if I can just figure out which one!!!

I guess someone might have grabbed it out of the bed, but that seems unlikely with all the other, more enticing goodies that we had there. Guess I need to buy another one, 'cause at this age, you never know when I can and can't sling that leg over the side of the truck as I often do!

Earlier today I opened a package of large lima beans, starting to soak them and cook them for butter beans tonight. As I poured them out, a couple dry beans fell to the floor. Well, the every vigilant little Max grabbed one and began testing it in his mouth. Of course, the others got interested. No one wanted to be left out. So I gave them each one to chew on. Some crunched them up and ate them, some chewed on them without breaking them, and after a couple of tentative chomps, Joey looked at me as if to say, "Are you kidding me?" However, he carried that bean around with him for an hour or so. Every time I looked, it was right in front of him, wherever he was. And he moved several times, following me here and there!

It's gone now. I don't know where it went, whether eaten or lost to one of the other bean-kleptomaniacs! Funny little guy! I guess it was a treasure from Mom that he wasn't going to let go!


  1. I'm sure every day is a bundle of giggles at your house.

  2. Joey: Keeper of the Bean.

    That is so sweet. And actually interesting. Animal behavior can be so different in each individual and it makes you wonder why.

    I read a book by Temple Grandin (sp?) About autism and animal behavior. She talked about how animals are sensitive to how things feel as well as scent, so perhaps Joey doesn't like the texture of beans.

  3. I wonder about it, too. Joey is definitely the most picky/sensitive of all my pups. He often takes much longer than the others to consume a new food.

  4. I'm still laughing about the stool holding a parking spot. I can see it now. How funny.

    Sadie will occassionally carry around a treasure. It makes me laugh.

  5. You do make me feel good with the tales of the dogs. Sounds so like my own Misty. Wonder if she would like a few friends...... Oh no mustn't think like that!

  6. Oh, Freda, why not? LOL!! I know I'm nuts for having 5, but I figure it was just meant to be. They're so precious. :)


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