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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mountains and missions and clouds, oh my!

As I was leaving Alamogordo yesterday I stopped to take this. These are my mountains, but "the other side," the west side. I live on the opposite side, the east side.

This is just a nice view I saw a little farther up the road.
This is a little mission nestled in the foothills. I think it is so pretty, and I've meant to take pictures, but I always forget till I'm past it. I remembered!!
A closer look at the little mission. I'm assuming this is not open to the public. The gates to it are closed. Isn't it pristine?
As long as I was taking pictures of missions or churches, I stopped to get this one, too. This is Our Lady of Guadalupe. I think it is on the Mescalero Apache Reservation, but I'm not sure where the boundary is. Pretty little church.
Another closer shot of Guadalupe, but unfortunately a cloud passed over just then.
This one is a Catholic Church, and it is in the town of Mescalero, so definitely on the Rez. Some restoration to the tower is going on.
Just as I got home, The sun behind the clouds looks so pretty. The edges were bright silver. Too bad it doesn't show up that way in the photo. Very pretty, though.


  1. Very nice photo's! I've been meaning to come over and say Hello and thanks for stopping by my (our) blog and leaving comments. It's always nice to know someone is paying attention to what I have to say and show and gives a hoot enough to let me know!

    I really appreciate it so much!!

  2. What great pictures. I love taking pictures of churches.

  3. MM, I know the feeling .... we all need to have our egos stroked just a little by readers, don't we? Glad you're here!

    C, there are so many little mission-type churches around here, and I need to take more photos. They are so charming, and many are ooollld.

  4. It's so powerful to see the big white crosses. Love the clouds too.

  5. Freda, that is powerful, isn't it? Thanks.

  6. Very pretty! I LOVE the last cloud shot.

  7. Mel, it was even prettier to the nekkid eye!

  8. These are really pretty photos Lyn. Your area is so photogenic.

  9. Moni,it really is worthy of the many photos I take. In fact, taking pix is almost compulsive!


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