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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Whistle while I work

I love productive days. Yes, I really do.

This morning I decided to clean house, especially the kitchen, which was a mess. I've been coming and going so fast lately that I hadn't really cleaned anything for two weeks. The kitchen had dozens of things I'd used and just sat down, and I knew it would need a serious scrubbing underneath all that. I'm only partially done with that, but here's the story.

I decided that I needed to clean the floor, too, and actually all the floors needed a thorough cleaning. The moist weather we've had lead to a trails of brown little footprints through the house, and the ceramic tiles felt tacky underfoot from moisture and puppy-tracked dirt. So I shampooed the carpet in the living room and my bedroom, and scrubbed the tiles floors throughout the house. It took me about four hours, but everything feels and smells great. Now I have to get back to the kitchen and finish that task. I'm getting a little tired, but I love it!

I was thinking as I was moping the floors about how good it smells when I'm doing deep cleaning. I use ammonia and water when I clean, and it stinks (well, it's ammonia, after all!), yet I love it, because it leaves the cleanest, unperfumed aroma. "Fresh" doesn't have a particular scent, yet it smells terrific. I love how the house smells when I'm done with a day like today.

In between all this, I also washed all the throw rugs and have them hanging out to dry. I took a break and drove to meet my stepson and give him the small kennel so he can take his cats to the vet tomorrow. I baked some cupcakes and made a batch of hummingbird nectar, too. The cupcakes are caramel flavored with chocolate and toffee chips in them. I ate two before I got them frosted! They are excellent!

I'm cleaning out closets, too. Not today, but in general. I have tons of clothing and I finally decided to thin out the stash so I can hang things up without everything being wrinkled ! What a novel idea!! So I'm taking 2-4 bags of clothes to Linda's shop or the thrift shop each week. I think I'm almost through with this, but we'll see. At any rate, my closets are looking so much better. And.... now I can go buy more, right? LOL!

Guess I'd better get up and finish the kitchen before I run out of steam. I'm nearly there now. Don't want to lose my momentum.  I'll talk to you guys later!


  1. Holy moly, I'm exhausted! That's a lot of work!! Good for you!

    The kids and I have been working upstairs this week. The house seems to be an even bigger mess than usual, but it feels good to get through closets and drawers and all!

  2. Isn't it funny how it gets messier before it gets better? And I have to do that sort of thing in segments, because when I get so much piled out to sort through, I'm overwhelmed. But then the end result is soooo fine!

  3. Oh well Lyn, all this work will keep you off the streets and out of trouble. I really should be doing that since I have guests coming, but nah..don't think so, lol I know what you mean by enjoying the nice clean place, who doesn't???

  4. Yeah, Moni, it's the only thing that keeps me outta juvie! LOL! I definitely do things in "spurts," so perhaps that's why I enjoy the uber clean so much .... it doesn't happen every week! Oh, shoot, I gave myself away, didn't I?

  5. LOL, Stacy, it's a rarely located commodity!!


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