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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Can we say .L.A.Z.Y. ??

I've been incredibly lazy recently. Monday and Tuesday, I did absolutely nothing. Honest! I sat on my caboose and read, played on the computer, watched a few movies and some mindless TV, and .... well, nothing! I was being a big blob! My body has been mildly achy, probably some fibromyalgia flaring up a little with the change of weather. I simply didn't feel like doing anything. And I didn't!!

I really need to straighten the house. It's not awful, but while I was doing nothing I allowed a clutter to arise. isn't it funny how clutter propagates on its own? LOL! I had absolutely nothing to do with it!! Anyway, I want to put the house back in order, because I always feel better when it is "company ready."

This afternoon is the rescheduled tea. I'm looking forward to it. I think it is going to be fun. Pearl has invited another of her friends whom I've not met, another Brit like herself. I'll let ya know how it goes later or tomorrow.

Late yesterday three of the dogs were on the deck, just hanging out. A long, low rumble of thunder moved across the sky, taking several seconds to get from one horizon to the other. It wasn't the kind of thunder that usually startles, sharp and loud, but for whatever reason, Joey and Sam seemed to be taken by surprise. They scurried in the house and came close to me. Lola, however, stayed on the deck and looked through the storm door at the boys as if to say "You guys are wimps." I'm not sure if she is really brave and thunder doesn't scare her, or if she is just too dingy to get it! She is such a funny pup!

When I was filling the hummingbird feeders this morning, the little birds were out in full force. They were happy to see me filling the feeders, and were flitting all around me, chattering loudly as I was filling. When I was filling the second one, several of them came very, very close to me, one of them between my face and the feeder in my hands! Another actually landed on my hand and sat there for about three seconds! I could not believe how up close and personal they are getting to be! A couple days ago one of them kept getting sips at the feeder, then flying to the storm door and hovering while watching me and the pups through the glass! He went back and forth several times, and I thought maybe he was wanting me to fill the feeder, but it has nectar in it. I love the little hummers, and I will hate to see them go. I figure I have about another month with them, unless winter comes unseasonably early.

Well, if I'm getting any de-cluttering done, I'd better get off my tush! have a fantastically fabulously fine day, everyone!


  1. Thanks I needed that motivational post. I'll get up now. I have ironing to do, some dusting, and some yarn to wind.

  2. Isn't there a lot of mindless TV on nowadays? It's hard to find anything stimulating on there. But it just motivates us to get off our behind and do something.

    That's cool about the birds. I need to get a bird feeder going outside our sunroom. Yesterday, I found a dove on the ground by my shed. He was in no hurry to fly away. Wonder if he might be injured or something. He wasn't as friendly as your hummingbirds either. I tried to get his picture but he kept turning away.

  3. Linda, you're welcome! I'm here to serve!!

    Dave, TV is generally blech. But if I'm not careful, I can get glued to the couch watching it anyway. I try to limit it.

    Humming birds are very entertaining! I highly recommend a feeder or two every summer.

    Some rules:
    1. Hang the feeder early; you want to attract them early or you just get stragglers or overflow from the early-bird neighbors. Here, it is March, and I have to bring the feeders in at night to avoid them freezing. You could call the forest service or a wildlife foundation in your area to get some guidelines.

    2. DON'T USE STORE BOUGHT NECTAR MIX. It has food coloring and isn't good for them. Instead, boil 4 cups of water, turn the hear off and stir in 1 cup of sugar. Let it cool and fill the feeders. It's that simple. Some say the red color attracts them. Poppycock! I have 10-40 birds all the time with clear liquid in the feeders.

    After that .... ENJOY!!

  4. OMG!!!!! You had a hummer LAND on your HAND!!!??? I am in awe! I didn't even know such a thing was possible!!!

    The hummers are still here too but I'm getting nervous that they'll leave any day. This year the hummers have taken on super significance in my life, and I dread their departure.

    I'm glad to hear that you were lazy. I don't think we humans spend enough time just doing nothing, guilt-free. You probably more than made up for it with today's decluttering.


  5. I don't believe in housework. I have to do it, but I don't believe in it!

  6. Betty, I remember the significance of hummingbirds for you. They are amazing little critters, aren't they?

    Unfortunately, I didn't get as much decluttering done as I wanted, but that's OK. There's always tomorrow. Or Friday. Or next week!

    Merikay, I don't either. Well, actually I believe in it, I just don't agree with it!

  7. I'm glad that you were able to be lazy for awhile Lyn. I am jealous! I've had so much to do, which is partially why I haven't blogged much! I love those Hummingbirds too. I had one come almost right up to me the other day. I can't believe one actually sat on your finger, that is amazing!
    Love Di ♥

  8. Di, it is good to be able to do that on occasion, but only when one doesn't NEED it, like being sick! And the hummers .... they are such amazing little creatures!!


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