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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Proper English Tea

An English tea is a freakin' feast!!

First of all, I learned today what the difference is between "tea" and  "high tea."  A tea is what you have in the afternoon (3:00-4:00) and consists of tea and food. The amount of food varies according to the serving time, and the choice of the hostess, mostly what we would call "finger foods" or snacks. "High tea" occurs later, and includes something cooked, a meal, something that we would call "dinner" or "supper," depending on the community where we live. It is the final meal of the day.

Pearl had a spread that was un-freakin'-believable!! There were little sandwiches with marinated cucumbers, cream cheese and other yummies; scones with raisins or blueberries; prosciutto e melone, or cantaloupe with ham; fresh raspberries (cream or whipped cream, if desired); chocolate dipped strawberries; banana bread; a couple cheeses with crackers; condiments such as strawberry preserves and lemon curd; almond meringue cookies; a selection of teas (we tried several, a pot at a time). I know I've forgotten some things, but you get the idea. It was fabulous!! I did not need dinner when I came home!

We had such a wonderful time. Two Brits and four Yankees for two hours of chatter, laughter and so much fun. Pearl's husband came out of hiding toward the end, poked his head in the dining room, and quickly exited, in fear of his life, I'm sure! He didn't stand a chance with that much estrogen in one room.

 At the end, we even read our tea leaves! Yeah, I'm coming into some prosperity! Woo Hoooo!

We've talked about doing this again, perhaps once a month. If we do, we will all bring goodies so Pearl isn't stuck with all the preparation herself. She thought that was a smashing idea!

Now the bad part .... I have no pictures. Seriously! As I flew out the door (1) I forgot to pick up my hat (who goes to an English tea without a hat???) and (2) I grabbed the camera case, which was empty! duh.

One last thing. DO NOT confuse my recent penchant for English tea parties for anything vaguely related to being akin to the (cough, cough) Tea Party. Every attendee to this are somewhere between moderate with liberal leanings to L.I.B.E.R.A.L. Jes' sayin'.

LOL!  What could possibly be better than good food, good drink, fine China and linens, a beautiful lace table cloth, good friends, and actually "getting dressed" for the fun of it all?? Nuttin' that I can think of!


  1. It is a shame that the words tea party are now equated with a political movement.

    So how do they read tea leaves? I have. Always wondered. Doesn't the tea steep in the pot? So how does it get to the cup?

  2. It is unfortunate, but I was thinking about it. There is a differentiation:
    1. "Tea" is what the Brits serve in the afternoon/evening;
    2a. "tea party" is what little girls play at, mixing sugar and water into a sickeningly sweet concoction when they play house, or
    2b. when children use their imaginations to sip empty air from the cups, and often the make themselves believe there is really some thing there.

    Pearl had a little book about tea, the history, superstitions, how-to tips, etc., and it had a couple paragraphs about how to "read" the leaves. It was very non-specific, but we had fun with it. And yes, the tea steeps in the pot, but when you pour it, small bits slip through the built in strainer, and you usually end up with a few small leaves in the bottom of the cup.

  3. Well how fun, a real girls party! I think that could become a tradition worth keeping.

  4. I have only ready your blog for a short time, but there is no way I would have thought of you as that kind of tea party person!

    Politics are not a good thing to discuss most of the time, but am a Liberal to!

  5. Moni, We plan to keep it going. It was really, really fun!

    Merikay, Yeah, I'm pretty transparent, aren't I? LOL!!

  6. Sounds like a hell of a time Lyn! Wish I could have shared!
    Love Di ♥

  7. Di, something tells me you would fit right in with this group of women! C'mon down!


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