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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Discombobulated kinda day

Went into work today, and on the way in, I saw these beside the road. Such pretty flowers!

I love the purple and yellow together.

And a little farther up the road, I was looking at the thunder clouds. These had already passed over my house.
And about this time I realized that I had left my bedroom window open at home! Damn! Just before I left, I went to the bedroom to close the window and do a couple other things, but I didn't remember closing the window. I was hoping that I did and had just forgotten. I was too far from home to turn around without being late. So I kept going and was hoping. And hoping.

While I was at the shop, it poured! I just inwardly rolled my eyes, still hoping I had closed the window or that the rain was coming from the other direction! Then I realized I'd forgotten to get the umbrella from the car when I went in, so before I left, I bought a waterproof windbreaker with a hood (for a buck!!) and slipped it on to get to the truck.

Would you say it wasn't my best day? Uh .... YEAH!

Back, home .... the window was open, but only a few inches. The carpet was damp, but not really wet. Whew!

And now, unrelated, I took this shot a few minutes ago. Isn't this picture of Jazmyn precious? I love it when they sleep upside down with paws in the air!

I'm going back to Alamogordo tomorrow to have the part put in the truck and hopefully keep the "check engine" light off for a while. No, for EVER. It is supposed to rain here again tomorrow, and I'm debating about taking Jaz with me. Part of me wants to rescue her; the other part thinks that she will get through it and be stronger if she weathers some of these storms without me to hide behind. I donno. I'll see how the forecast looks in the AM.

Sooooo. How was your day?


  1. Take her with you!

    I had a very good day thank you ...

  2. I love the picture of Jaz. Taking her with may be nice but then again, being away from her home during a storm may make her anxiety worse. Only you would know whats best. I sure do hope they get that problem fixed for good this time Lyn. Is this still under warranty or are you having to pay each time?
    I will be sending GOOD thoughts your way. Love Di ♥

  3. P.S. forgot to tell you how much I liked the cloud photo!
    Love Di ♥

  4. Well, I took her with me. I couldn't tell from the various weather forecasts whether it was going to be clear till later in the day or if it might let loose a deluge in the morning, so I took her. It didn't rain! Oh well, she had a good time, charming everyone in the agency.

    Di, I hope it's fixed, too. I'm into my extended warranty period now, but fortunately, I've paid N.O.T.H.I.N.G for this fiasco to the dealership! Because I've had to make so many trips and it is so far (abt 75 mi), they have not charged me. I'm so glad I got with them!

    BTW, the dealership in Denver that I had to go to for the first look at it back in May charged me $110 for a diagnostic and told me nothing was wrong. I'm thinking about making a complaint.

  5. Great pictures as usual!
    I love the purple and yellow flowers too.
    The doggie picture makes me want to scratch her belly or tickle her. When my cat sleeps on his back with his paws up, I am so overwhelmed with his cuteness I accidentally wake him up with a belly rub!

  6. Thanks, Mary. I do the same thing with the dogs .... they look so cute on their backs that I can't resist rubbing the tummy, and when I touch them, they jump! Of course, once they realize it is me, they don't move a muscle in hopes that I'll keep it up!

  7. They say that when our animals sleep on their back, they feel very safe and secure. Seems to me the rescue was quite the success and your blended family a job well done!

  8. Anon, well, Jaz is certainly secure, except for during thunderstorms. She is the most self assured little dog! But all of them sleep on their backs from time to time, Joey and Max the least. Yes, our blended family seems to be doing pretty well, thanks. :)


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