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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Latest project

A few months ago I bought a table at a garage sale. It's a metal frame, with a saltillo tile top. The man carefully wrapped bubble wrap around the top it, taped it thoroughly to keep the tiles from falling out, since a couple tiles were already loose. I drove less than a mile home, but found it was completely a mess. All the tiles were loose, and several had broken. This is part of the intact tiles, laid in so you get an idea what it looked like. It was pretty. But it was going to take a lot of TLC to fix it.

Originally, I thought I would buy a bunch of tiles in various patterns and colors and make a "crazy quilt design. Or perhaps make a new pattern. Not sure.

Over several months, I bought some nice tiles made by an artist friend, a few at a time to defray expense. Unfortunately she is not making and more because her kiln broke and she can't afford to repair or replace it. But I decided to use those tiles I'd bought on the table, knowing I would have to fill in with something.

 Today I laid the tiles on the table to get an idea how they look, what else I need. After seeing this, I know I need to find some small (3-4") tiles in a plain saltillo, perhaps 2-3 shades of terra cotta/earth tones, and fill in the gaps with the solids.

A couple shots of the tiles up close. I think they are really fun. the larger ones are 6" squares, and the small ones are 3-1/8" squares.

I hope I can find the sizes I need to fill this in.

On the way home I saw this and just had to take a picture ....

The road home .... and the gorgeous sky.

It was certainly a pretty day.

You know the drill ....

.... Life is beautiful!!!!


  1. I could almost see a bit of Autumn in those gorgeous photos! Perhaps it's just my wishful thinking!
    I don't know about your Lowe's Lyn, but ours has a great selection of tiles in all sorts of sizes. Just a thought. I do think that table is going to be beautiful when you get done with it! Nice project!
    Love Di ♥

  2. Mmmm, well, the grass isn't quite as vibrantly green as it has been, since the rain has let up, and someone said the deciduous trees are looking just a bit faded, yellowing a tad. I haven't looked at them as there aren't any in my home area, and i plain forgot to look on outings. I have to say, though, that the scrub oak still looks very green up here on the mountain.

    Yes, I thought that I'd hit Lowe's or Home Depot first time I'm near one and see what is available. The sizes are the question for me, cause I don't know how to figure it, measure and calculate the number I need till I find out what sizes they come in. I'll figure it out. Once I do, I'll be trying my first tile job, and I'm really excited!

  3. I have figured out that you can do just about anything you put your mind to doing and no doubt this table will turn into a thing of beauty. Love your beautiful sky photos.

  4. Moni, you're pretty much right. There are places in which I know I should not venture, but I'll try about anything. I hope I don't mess this up. The tiles are very special. (shhh, and not cheap!!) I'll read about setting tile and then talk to a few professionals before I begin it.

  5. Setting tile is not that hard. You will do fine.

  6. LOL! Merikay, it's not hard .... after you've done it once!! I know, I know, I'll figure it out. Thanks!

  7. Too bad your friend's kiln broke the tiles you bought from her/him are beautiful.

    Here is an idea for ya. If you like the look of mosaic you don't need to find exact sizes to fill in with and you could probably get broken tiles really cheap or even free with a little persuasion. Hmmmm .......... Terra Cotta with blue grout?

    The little spacers that you can buy are life savers if you use squares and want to keep grout lines even. What ever you decide to do it will be gorgeous. Are you going to use the table inside or outside?

  8. DJ, this friend is a "her," and her work is very cool, different, unique. She's very talented, does painting, drawing, jewelry (I have a dozen or so pieces), pottery (I have a couple), tiles, etc.

    Thanks for the broken tile idea. I'd actually thought of that, and your mention of using blue was right on. In fact, I'd been considering using a technique similar to one a friend is using. she is collecting colored glass to use in a mosaic, and it gave me the idea of gathering cobalt blue and perhaps some deep green (emerald?), if I can find it, to fill some of the space.

    The table will be inside. I'd planned to have it on the deck, but these tiles are a bit too special, perhaps too fragile, to leave outside. The deck is covered, but temps can be brutal on it. It was actually made to be decorative, and I had planned to do various things: set some in frames; put a few on tabletops as I refinish, etc. But if I can find what I need and like to fill the spaces, I'm going to love it in this table.

  9. That tile table is going to end up being a masterpiece- I can tell. If you can't find the right sizes, maybe you can do a mosaic type of design. Oh- I see you've already thought of that. I can't wait to see how it turns out!


  10. Betty, you know I'll post pictures when I'm done!


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