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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Are you getting ready for the weekend?

I think many must be. Blogville has been very quiet. In the past 24 hours, there have been just four posts by all of my buddies whose blogs I follow. That's really slow for y'all! I suspect a lot of you are getting ready for the long holiday weekend.

This weekend tends to be a whole phenomenon in itself, as it represents a significant shift in the lives of most of us in this society, and much of the world. "Summer's over." "Back to school." "Pool closed." It's the final holiday that most of us expect to grill on the barbecue, to go camping, to hold that back yard/patio party, go swimming, get away from town for a few days. And because of words like "over," "last," "closed," "final," and the thought of warm weather giving way to chill (even after an uber hot summer like this has been), some of us will feel a letdown.

Of course, you all know that I'm a fan of cooler weather, so that isn't negative for me, but I am mourning the loss of long days. I love it when the sun is up before 6:00 and doesn't set till late. It allows me to get out and do things for a longer period through the day. It makes a day trip more possible and comfortable when I'm not hurrying to beat the sun. Too bad I don't get to have nice, long, 14-hour days with 60° temperatures! Hey, now that's a concept; how cool would it be if we could set our own likes and dislikes, just as we select TV channels? You could live next door and enjoy your 84° days while I relax on my own turf at 62°. Nice! My sun could follow me till I'm back from an Albuquerque trip, and yours could dim early if you want to get some sleep. Interesting concept.

I actually dreamed last night that I woke and saw snow in the back yard, so I guess the significance of Labor Day weekend isn't lost on even me, a retired do-what-I-want-when-I-want kind of person. So what do you think? How does this holiday impact on your thinking and behaviors? Are you, as I suspect, doing a little less internet surfing as you anticipate the weekend? And what are your plans for the next few days?


  1. Hey, all. Click back on the previous post and look at the last comment! How fun is that? Maybe I will give them a testimonial. Gee, maybe I'll be rich and famous even at this late age! LOL!

  2. I also love the cooler temperatures but I also like short days.

    We have nothing planned for the week-end. Oh, maybe we do. Bob usually grills steaks for our kids on holidays. I haven't checked to see if that's true this time.

    Meanwhile I'm watching hurricane Earl.

  3. Linda... that is amazing... you dreamt of snow in your back yard and I dreamt of snow in ours the day before. !!! Okay, now I'm going to have to analyze the significance of this. Doesn't snow represent purity or the righteousness of God or something like that? Since snow is sort of like ummm frozen water...doesn't it mean blessing? I like that. Blessings of God snowing in our yards. This is good news indeed. Tell me what you think.... and have a wonderful Labor Day weekend. I haven't even had a chance to think on what we'll do. Maybe I will sit in the hottub and garden and cook out on the grill... maybe put some fall flowers in the ground. Maybe I have some more zinnia seeds that would come up before the snow flies. Speaking of snow again, maybe winter is coming early. Another interpretation.... it's the last watch. Snow is the 4th season.

  4. I am really sad to see summer go. Even though it was probably the hottest summer we've ever had after the worst winter on record. I hate the shorter days. I would like some cooler temperatures, however. I am NOT looking forward to winter. The only thing I have on my agenda is to go to granddaughter's soccer game.

  5. Interesting, Linda, that you like short days. I hope you check back, 'cause I'm wondering why that is?

    Earl is looking scary, isn't he? Unless there is a huge change in his direction, I don't think we will get the remnants like we do when it hits the gulf.

    Lisa, that IS interesting! I didn't think about the subconscious cause of it. I figured it was just that weather/winter have been on my mind and last night it was pretty cool here. I remember waking at one time and wondering if I should close the window, but pulling the quilt up was a lot easier! That's how I like to sleep, anyway .... cold room and me under warm covers. I rather like your take of it, though! I'm always open to blessings from God.

    Daisy, I hear ya, even though my summer was a heck of a lot more bearable than yours. The difference is that I like the cold weather .... not the kind that is bitter and long lasting, but if I had to endure temps over 75° year round, I just couldn't do it!

  6. Well Lyn I'll tell ya! The holiday really doesn't effect me. I do love, love, love, Autumn so I guess that would be my favorite thing about the day.
    I have been so sick my dear, haven't even been able to enjoy the weather. Say a prayer, would ya?
    Love Di ♥

  7. Di, I just left you a message at your blog, complete with healing cyber-hugs, and yes of course, prayers are included in the package deal. You just take it easy, and heal, heal, heal.

  8. sorry you have been so sick..get better soon. My son will be visiting me on Friday and Saturday and Sunday morning. Then we will go to our Courthoue Park and pick up bbq dinners from the St. Ann's Fiesta. We use to spend the day, but now we will just bring the food home. They have yummy food.:)

  9. Sounds like you hate to miss the festivities, but sometime, enjoying the food away from the crush is great, too. Have a good visit!

  10. I'm experiencing a letdown, for sure. It's so cool here today, as if summer has all of a sudden stopped. I'm dreading the migration of the hummingbirds, since I associate them with my sister who is still hanging on by a thread. I have accomplished nothing today, nothing at all. I am now trying to talk myself into posting on my blog.


  11. Betty, I'm not looking forward to the hummingbird flight, either. I love watching those little things. Sorry about your sister. I know this is a very hard time for you, and I wish something could ease your way .... and hers. I'll keep you both in my thoughts. Peace and hugs.


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