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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A bit of a crazy day here

Well, it has been an interesting day.

For starters, I forgot I had an appointment for a haircut at 10:00. I remembered it not long before noon. I called, full of apologies, and the other stylist said that mine, Danielle, was out. I was flustered, and he didn't help it when he said that she was really upset about it, was stomping and fuming. I kept apologizing, and he started laughing, then explained that she wasn't upset, that she had taken advantage of my absence to run up to the school and take care of some things there relating to her kids. He rescheduled me for 1:30.

I jumped in the shower and got dressed, and was at the shop about 1:15. No, Danielle was not at all upset with me, but I apologized probably six or seven times. Anyway, the hair was cut, and I feel much better.

Since I was in town I stopped at the market for five things. And I left with 15, of course. All were things I needed, but I just hadn't remembered them till I walked the aisles. As I was checking out, a man walked up and began bagging my purchases. I started talking with him because it was my neighbor who brought me the lumber. I said that I owed him a dinner for the lumber, and he said it sounds good. Just them the checker spoke up and asked if she could come, too, and I grinned and said sure. Then he took off his dark glasses and tipped his hat back, and I realized it was not my neighbor!!! I started laughing and explained myself, and the checker said "Well, I was wondering what my husband had done for you, but I figure a free meal is a free meal!" Lawdy, I was embarrassed!

I'm watching a program I recorded a few days ago. It is called "Black Blizzard." The title refers to the dust storms of the 1930s. It is very interesting and somewhat disheartening. My parents were newlyweds trying to farm in the Panhandle of Oklahoma, right in the heart of the area that was hardest hit. The rich topsoil that had built up over many millinea was simply blown away, all across the Northeastern US and into the Atlantic Ocean! They said the amount of topsoil that blew away would fill the Grand Canyon halfway!!

My folks talked about the trials of the time, and it was horrendous. I can't imagine living through that, especially with three children born in the first two years of marriage (twins in '31 and another in '33) and yet another in '37. It's a miracle the babies lived through it. Many didn't. Our house was a little better built than many in that area at the time, and it probably helped, but Mom spent her days trying to block the horrible influx of powdery dust around doors, windows, and cracks.  If you see this on the History Channel, watch it. It will take your breath away.

The saddest thing is that the farmers actually caused it by stripping the prairie grass from the fields to plant wheat. The root system of the grasses kept the rich topsoil in place, even during drought. No one knew this or that it would happen, but it totally changed the landscape of the Midwest in that decade and forever more. It's an amazing show, and adds to the information I gleaned from my parents' stories, and a book I read a couple years ago called "The Worst Hard Times." My parents were struggling pioneers to a much greater degree than I ever realized.

I "practice packed" today, everything I plan to take on my trip. I took everything except shoes, jewelry and underwear, folded them and slipped them into "space bags." I used the vacuum to pull the air out of them, and there was more than enough room in my bag for the remaining, unpacked items. I've decided I will check a bag, because I couldn't find one that was small enough to be a carry on, yet big enough to accommodate the space bags. And both airlines allow me one or two bags checked and one and a personal bag carried on. The one I'm taking is barely larger, but enough to allow me to fit in the space bags. I feel much better, and now I know I won't have a last minute panic to throw me off.

Is it time for me to go yet? NO??? sigh. Ooookay.


  1. If you had a Blackberry you could put it on your calander and then your phone would call you to remind you of your appointments. :) Glad you were able to get in and get your haircut.

    I watched that program a few months ago and it was really interesting. I really didn't know that much about the dust storms in the 30s. It was so interesting. I cant' imagine living during that time and trying to farm.

  2. Oh, my phone has all that. the appointment was in it, and the alarms was "set," but like the alarm on the nightstand, you have to actually turn it ON!!!!! sheesh.

    I can't imagine living through that either. My older siblings remember some of it. As I said, it's amazing they lived through it, so many babies died.

  3. You aren't excited at all about that trip are you? You best calm down girl, you've got a few weeks to go!
    I saw that special on the dust bowl Lyn. I watched it twice. It was very good. I learned a lot. I had no idea. I can't even imagine what a nightmare that had to be for those poor folks. I found the show so fascinating that I will probably watch it again.
    That was a funny story about the check out line! You better be careful! Love Di ♥

  4. OMG I loved the story about the mistaken identity......can see that easily happening too. Good thing they both had a sense of humour, especially the wife LOL

  5. Di, no, I"m not excited. Not at all. Never happen. squeeeeaaaaalllll! Oh, excuse me!

    I recorded the show, and I plan to watch it again, too. Unbelievable story, isn't it? whew.

    To both Ruth and Di: I was mortified when I realized what I'd done! Ruth, the wife has been at the store since I moved here, so I know her well, and I think that must might have saved my neck! GAH!

  6. Hmm.. My aunt picks up strange men... Now I know why you are going to Hawaii. :) -s3-

  7. S2, I think you misstated that. I think you meant "My strange aunt picks up men." There ya go!

  8. It sounds as though you had a day full of laughs! And your info about the famous dust storms is fascinating. I never knew that the farmers actually caused the dust! I've also never before heard of drawing the air out of clothes to pack. I never know what I'm going to learn on this blog!


  9. Betty, just call me "encyLYNpedia"!!

    If you have a chance to see that show, DO IT! It's amazing. The farmers, in fact no one, had any idea what was happening until it was too late.

    And on the bags .... I use them all the time. Since my storage space is limited, I use the big ones to store bedding. When you suck the air out of the bag, it is about 1/4 the size, so storage is more feasible. They are wonderful!

  10. Great checkout line story!

    Hawaii! I am so jealous! Yes, I have done my share of traveling lately, but still.....we're talking HAWAII here!!

    Good for you! You will have a wonderful time!

  11. Dakota, yeah, it's HAWAII! Have you been there?

    And you KNOW I will have a good time!

  12. Funny thing, I was going to send you a message today to see if you were packed yet? Then I got home and read your blog, and see that you have. I am so excited for you and, I can't wait to see your pictures of HAWAII!!!!! However, Lady if you don't pace your self those ants in your pants are gonna need some RAID......... Chuckle, Chuckle, Chuckle!!!

    Luv Ya,

  13. I guess I didn't explain it fully. I packed, checked out the space in several suitcases, then UNPACKED, and hung everything back up! LOL! I just had to know which bag, what would fit, what I could and couldn't take. With that behind me, I can relax better now.

    but I'll have Raid on hand, just in case! ;D

  14. Good idea to do a practice run of packing. So happy to hear Space Bag is able to help you fit everything in your luggage! Just wanted to invite you to visit Space Bag's online community, Space Savers, where we have organization and space-saving tips and offer special offers to members. We'd love to hear about your trip to Hawaii and how Space Bag products were able to help you pack. Feel free to use the "contact us" form on if you'd like to get in touch. Have a great time! Hope to hear from you soon.

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  15. Oh my gosh! Now isn't that interesting?? Ya just never know who's reading you blog, do ya???

  16. Didn't y'all read "Grapes of Wrath" and "Tobacco Road"? People in California have a different perspective, that's when they were invaded by "Oakies" and "Arkies"!My family has many stories about the hard times in the 30s, I mean the great depression and the dust bowl. Tough times.

  17. Moni, yes, of course(did anyone our age get through HS without reading those? LOL!), but the book I mentioned and this show really brought it home. I admire anyone who lived and survived through that time. Unbelievably difficult era.

    BTW, they said on the show that most of those who left for CA didn't make it that far. I don't think they said why, but I'm guessing they probably ran out of money and settled in Western NM & CO, AZ & Nev.


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