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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Signs of Fall

I'm really a bit sad this morning. I mentioned yesterday that the hummingbirds were not as numerous since my return. This morning I've seen just a few of them, perhaps as many as four. Compared to the dozens that have been hanging out at Ch├ęz Lynilu this summer, it is saddening for me. I will miss the little buggers.

That said, there are two clear signs that Fall is upon us, regardless of temperatures or turning leaves or anything else that hails the change of seasons .... hummingbirds have begun migration and the elk are in rut (more on that in a moment). I'll leave the hummingbird feeders out for another month or so to accommodate any stragglers passing through. BTW, did you know hummingbirds do not migrate in groups/flocks as other birds do? Nope, they are loners, each finding his/her own way back and forth.  Soon it will be time for me to put out the other bird feeders for the winter. I don't feed the general bird population in the summer. Birds, like all God's creatures, become lazy and dependent if they are fed when they should be foraging for themselves. So I put seed out just when there is snow on the ground or the ground is frozen. Anyway, I'd better buy my winter supply of wild bird seed.

Now, about the elk .... My gosh, they are noisy this year! Every evening around sunset, the bulls begin bugling, calling out for their honeys! Last night I got a little footage with the sound. As you listen to this, you have to listen to other things, too .... me, the dogs, the wind chimes. The elk had been much closer and bugling more often a few minutes earlier, and seemed to be moving away at this point, but it is a good audio recording. It is such an eerie sound, but I love hearing it.

A second video, only 11 seconds long, but a good audio of the elk bugle.

Those sounds make the hair on my neck stand up .... in a good way!

A few minutes ago, Lolita jumped up beside me on the couch. She comes to me several times a day to snuggle for a minute (well, actually for as long as I will continue to pet her!!), most often rolling to her back so I can rub/pet her tummy (she is SUCH a tummy-rub HO!!). After she got a few snuggles, she rolled over and tucked her nose in a recess of the couch. She almost always hides her muzzle and eyes when she wants to sleep, even if the lights are off in the room. Look at this ....

 And right now, she is napping right in front of the dog door.
Mom, I tried, but I just couldn't walk any farther.

What a silly baby she is!

I guess I should do something productive. I've been sitting here all morning! Ain't retirement grand????   :D


  1. Oh ... I wish we had more elk in our area. The DNR introduced a couple herds a few years back and they are populating themselves (but dealing with the wolves too - which un-populates them ... if you know what I mean) Two years ago I was sitting out on my deck in the evening and I heard a bull bugle. So I know they're out there.

  2. It's too bad the elk are fighting to stay alive. I'm opposed to removing the wolves completely, as they are part of the balance in the ecosystem, but when they overpower all the other species, especially as we nudge into the territory that should be theirs, it becomes sticky. We humans muck up a lot of things, don't we? I'm so happy to live where there is still an abundance of elk so I can hear their concerts at night!

  3. The elk sound eerie Lyn! How awesome it must be to sit out there and listen! Love Di ♥

  4. Di, they do! The first time I heard them, I didn't know what it was, and believe me, I was spooked! And, as you can imagine, in person, it is even more impressive than in a recorded event such as this. I really love it.

  5. I know most people are sad that summer is coming to an end, but you know me...I am sooooo happy!! I am ready for snowy days and cooler temps. To me there is just something so cozy about sitting inside where it's warm and it's snowing outside.

  6. Caroline, I hear that. And I agree about sitting inside watching the snow. To me that is very comforting, knowing I'm safe and sound. It makes it feel like I'm protected, regardless of whatever may be concerning me. Some look at it and shiver and hate the thought of going out, but it's a reminder of "enough" for me. :)


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