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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Course adjustment

Earlier I started out to work in the yard. I was planning to use the weed eater to get rid of some scrub oak. I walked out the door and immediately began to reconsider my plan. I stepped back inside and looked at the thermometer. Inside was a nice 69°. Outside, however was 82°!! Well! I didn't relish being in the sun with that much heat.

I sat for a few minutes, wondering what would be a better choice for the afternoon. I settled on doing some painting on the furniture and trunks on the deck. I put a first coat on several pieces, and I hope to put the second coat tomorrow, them decorate them by the weekend.  What I'm going to show you here are some pieces that I did the basic coats a few weeks ago, and today I worked on the decorations.

The first one is the big table that I had plants on all summer. The colors of flowers and patterns are different on each side, I don't much like "symmetry."

This trunk was plain blue before. I'm still not completely happy with it, so I'm sure I'll be back to this to change it up. I have already changed it a couple times. I might be just as well off to walk away! It's just a storage trunk!

This is the top of the storage cabinet. I really like this one, and I'll probably be able to leave this one alone.

It was a productive afternoon! I think tomorrow I will work in the yard early, then do more painting in the shade later. It's what I should have done today, but I am SO not a morning person! Oh, well!

As I was finishing up the elk were bugling very close to the house. I think they were just across the road, and might have been in my yard if not for the fence around that other property. The dogs didn't know what to make of it. They didn't bark, but every time they heard the calls, heads were rocking back and forth in the direction of the sounds! They were just puzzled as heck! A little earlier a rabbit ran across the driveway, and they went nutz with the barking! I guess they don't bark at things unless they see them, but that doesn't make sense, because they bark at deer that are out of sight. Perhaps it is just that they know the deer sounds are connected with the bodies they've seen. I donno. Anyway, they are goofy little pups!

This morning I got on the scale, and to my dismay, I've gained 3-4 pounds. Dang. I guess I partied too hearty in Tucson! So I've eaten very sensibly today, NO TORTILLA CHIPS! It'll come back off, but after my recent elation over weight loss, it is just disappointing. Ah well. You play, you pay!

OK, gonna veg out for a while. Y'all take care!  Hasta maƱana!


  1. Gracious you are a busy woman. Love your art work. So in keeping with where you live.

    Perhaps you're just retaining fluid for some reason. Weigh again tomorrow, 3-4 pounds is a lot to gain in such a short time. I suspect some of it will be gone by tomorrow.

  2. Linda, I've thought the same thing about the water retention. I tend to retain fluids when I travel. I'll let you know. Thanks, the furniture is definitely me and the place I live! I'm having much fun creating it. I don't pretend to be an artist, but I'm a good crafter. That'll do for now. :)

  3. Wow, love the painting! I don't care for symetry either! Very nice! How lucky you are to have the wildlife so close!!

  4. oh yeah..

    and i am such not a morning person either!!!

  5. I love your painting Lyn, it really is beautiful and inspiring. I have a few things that you've given me ideas for. Hey, one hot day working in the yard should help sweat off some of those pounds! Love Di ♥

  6. MM, thanks. You know, I think the asymmetry causes people to actually look at the piece. If the pattern is the same all around, one tends to look at a part of it and move on without seeing the whole. At least I think so. It's true for me when I'm art-viewing.

    It's fun to have wildlife near, for sure. always a new sumptin-sumptin around!

    Morning - well, I wake early, but I'm not "human" for an hour or two! LOL!

    Di, thank you. have fun with your things. BTW, I love the different shaped sponge brushes available at craft stores. They make it easy and for something like this, something I don't want to be "perfect," I can easily make it look "aged" or other effects. Lots of fun!

    Working in the heat would do a lot for the weight, but I can't do that for more than about 15-20 minutes. I probably was over-exposed in the sun at some time, and now I get sick (nausea, headache) rather easily. I'll have to be very careful.

  7. I love all the tables and chests that you have painted. I really love the one that is blue with the yellow flowers. (the last pic) You really have a neat talent.

    Don't worry too much about the few pounds you gained....I am sure they will come right off. Did you have things with a little bit more salt than you are used to? Plus, it was really hot and I always seem to gain a few pounds when it's really hot.

  8. Quite the artist there. For some reason, I thought you just collected art, but you can create it too! I like the trunk in particular. The flower looks like he's sticking out his tongue or something.

    That would be so near to hear elk bugling. The only elk we have in Michigan are on a reservation (for hunters).

  9. What a wonderful way to cheer up the world. You have elk in rut, (or is it really bugling?) we have deer. But our autumn is much much cooler than yours. Every Blessing

  10. Caroline, thanks! And you're right about most of the food/weight issues. It was hot and we ate out most of the time, so I know I got an unusual amount of salt. My fingers still feel puffy, so that's probably a big factor. Hopefully it will pass soon.

    Dave, thanks, and yep, I'm a little o' dis, a little o' dat! I like your description of the flower sticking its tongue out! Suddenly I like it!

    Eeeuuuwww. A reservation for hunters? Gah. No sport in that.

    Thank you, Freda. And to answer your question .... yes! The elk bugle (the sound) when they are in rut (breeding season).

  11. What wonderful projects you are working on!! I love painting things too. It's such a nice outlet for our creativity to unleash it with something like what you are doing. I've got a few projects around here I need to get cracking on... going to paint my fireplace bricks white and a dresser peach and a similar storage trunk to yours... I am now very inspired about getting on with mine. Thanks for sharing!! I really enjoyed seeing these. I like to see how something can be turned into a very unique and timeless treasure.

  12. Lisa, thanks. I'm not sure my kids with think those are "timeless treasures" when the time comes, LOL, but they certainly are priceless to me! I'm glad you've been inspired!


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