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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Yeah.  Well.

I just spent around three hours in a tedious task.

I have an old AOL account that I haven't used in a long time, and I only check it occasionally. I realized it had been a while, and I clicked over there to clean out the in box, and .... I gulped. There were 1400+ "new" messages!!! OMG!

I began a systematic reading and purging of the account, updating my email addy in the ones I wish to continue receiving, marking spam, linking with people from loooooong ago who had sent me messages to be friends on FB, unsubscribing from those I no longer want to receive from, etc. Well, indeed! A pot of coffee and a lot of frustration later, I think I have it all updated and cleared out.

Why do I keep that email? Well, it is a short name (back in the early '90s when short names were available!), quick and easy one to write down or spell for those occasions when I'm asked but I'm not sure I want to actually receive email. The plan is that after I see what is being sent from that person/company, I decide to keep it or not. The trouble is .... I forget to go read it! Oh, well! Hopefully, I'll be better about this now.

I've also been thinking of getting a new email addy, because my present yahoo account that I use most has a glitch in it, and I can't use the most current version of the software because it doesn't allow graphics, photos, etc. to be viewed. But going through the process of changing it again .... bah. so much trouble, as referenced today! I'll ponder on it a little longer, and if I find a nice, short email addy, perhaps I'll attempt it. For now .... no, I've done enough for one day!!!

I just counted my email accounts. I have a total of 11 accounts!! Six on yahoo, of which I use 2; five on aol, all of which are inactive, but still available to me!! Lawdy! How many accounts do you have? Am I the only one who has thousands of accounts??

If you read yesterday's post, you're probably chuckling at me right now. Yeah, you're right, I DID NOT get out early to do yard work. Meh. Tomorrow is going to be 6-8 degrees cooler than today. And I do live in "The Land of Mañana." So mañana it will be! or the mañana after that or after that!

I think I need food. So much coffee, so little sustenance! Hoooongry. Later!


  1. Crap. I can't tell which post I am commenting on. I am trying to comment on the post about emails. I have a few accoiunts and I can't remember the passwords to most of them!
    I have an issue right now with my phone bill and check statement going to email addresses I don't use any longer.

  2. Mary, you were on the right one! I admire your "gumption" for blogging on the device you use! I'm not sure I'd have the patience!

    The secret is .... I keep a list of passwords, 'cause my memory for those things is about -1/2 inch. Seriously!

  3. Some years ago I switched from local dialup to microsoft. One day I was checking out local news on my old dialup account and found out that I had over 3000 emails! It happens. I have only two email accounts now, one is the google account and the other is my msn account.

  4. Moni, I used to think the account, the address, just went away after a while when it isn't used for a while. But no, it is forever!

  5. I have 2 e mail accounts. One (hotmail) I check daily. The other (yahoo) I check once a week.

  6. Daisy, only 2??? I'm impressed!

    Man, do you actually use them all? I actually use just a couple, one for most everything, the other is a receptacle for blog, FB, etc. That way I can read the "live" emails without having to sort through the notices from Blogger and FB.


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