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Sunday, October 10, 2010


10/10/10 = 30

No, actually, 10/10/10 = 1/10 ( the "/" symbolizes "divided by")

Or 10/10/10 = 0.1

Or if you write it like this 10-10-10 =  -10

WHATEVER!!! Today is one of those interesting dates.

Well, that a fun bit of nonsense! Moving on ....

iPhone v. Android
When I was in ABQ the other day I stopped at a Verizon spot in the mall, just to look at phones. I'll be due for an upgrade in the spring, and I want to read, look, discuss as much as I can before then so I make a good choice.

My current phone is OK. It's a phone. But I've decided I'm going to drop long distance on my home phone, keeping it just for local use and DSL access. That will give the the extra money needed for the internet access charges. I've found a few occasions when I wished I'd had access to look up an address or information away from home, and I think it might be worth it.

Anyway, I'm very glad Apple is ending the exclusivity with that other server. I've never liked them since the break up with deregulation of phones back in the dark ages. It seemed they just never got it together after that. I am happy I will have the choice of iPhone or Android. I hear really good things about Android, and it is compatible with my Mac, so I will be much happier to have a phone with full capabilities again regardless of which system I go with. It's just nice to have choices, ya know?

If you have iPhone or Android systems, let me know how you like it or what you don't like. It will help me make a decision.

Home theater
If you remember, I have had a nightmare with the RCA sound system I got with my new TV a while back. The first one flaked out within a month, Walmart promptly replaced it, the second one shot craps the other day, and W suggested refunding my money unless I "insisted on replacing it." No way was I going to take a chance on that again!

This morning I boxed up the bad system and reconnected my old old. It is really nice to have a full surround again. I was OK with the sound from the TV for a while, but I've become spoiled. I admit it. I'm listening to my '50s Oldies music this morning, and loving it!! I've been doing some house work (You know how it is .... you move something [the sound system] and you realize how dusty things are!) and when I do, I love having "my" music, because I dance around the house while I work. It makes time go fast, AND I dance off some calories! If I have the TV on, I don't move as fast, and in fact, I often get lulled into sitting down!

After this break for my internet fix, I'll be getting back to the cleaning. I want to do a thorough fall cleaning before I go to Hawaii, so when I come home it will be reasonably clean. I'd hate to snuff out the joy of the trip by cleaning house immediately on my return!

2 weeks and 2 days!!!!

OK, gotta get a move on!  Later, y'all!!


  1. Vonage is great Lyn, cheap and free long distance to anywhere in the world.

  2. love my iphone!! can't say enough about it, have never had a problem with it and i am lost lost lost without it!

    it does everything i need it to and more. it has my itunes, calendar, email, facebook, and lots of fun apps to keep me occupied . . and also keep small children occupied!


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