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Friday, October 08, 2010

A looong day

Last night I went to bed early, because I had to get up early this morning. I was to drive my stepson to Albuquerque so he could fly to San Diego to visit his mother and sister. The unfortunate thing is that his flight was scheduled to leave at 8:50 AM. That's a good time, but remember you have to be at the airport earlier (thankfully, ABQ is a low traffic airport, so an hour is enough time to be there before flight time). AND .... we live about three hours away. AND ....  I had to drive ten miles n the wrong way to pick him up first!

I had some trouble getting to sleep. It was just not in my normal rhythm to try to sleep at 8:30. I fell asleep alright, but after a few minutes, I woke. Several times before I finally slept, somewhere around 10:30.

I was up at 3:30 this morning, just as scheduled. A quick shower to wake me, a cup of coffee, a croissant sandwich, fed the dogs and the birds and I was out the door by 4:30.

Going out to the car was an experience! There was no moon, so it was dark.  I didn't want to leave the porch light on all day, so I grabbed the rail, and eased down, feeling each of the twelve steps with my foot. Eerie feeling. No problem getting to the car, but just and odd few seconds. But I will tell you something .... as inconvenient as it was, that sky was breathtaking! The inky black which caused caution for me on the stairs provided a lush, velvety background for the fifty-million-billion-trillion stars that I could see! Unless you live somewhere as remove as I do, you can't understand this. Trust me, if you live in a city, a town, even a village, you don't see the stars I do here. Lawdy, it is gorgeous.

I don't like to drive at night, and even with the brights on, it was tough for the first hour. That kind of dark is just very hard to feel comfortable on the road. At least it is for me. Once the eastern horizon began to lighten, I was fine.

Allan and I had a great talk the whole way. This is normal for us. Always much to yak about! We were there a little before plan, so he had time to get through security and relax a while before leaving. And I headed to do a couple errands.

Getting around the city was more of a challenge than  usual because of the International Balloon Fiesta. It wasn't awful, but there were delays at some areas. The good thing is that most of the times I had to stop for a few minutes, I was treated with watching the balloons floating, often just a few dozen yards away!
One errand was to look for some new hair product. Five years ago I began using a mousse while I was in Florida. It worked wonderfully for me. The hitch is I couldn't find it anywhere in the US except at that FL salon! It's an Italian product, not widely sold here, and buying it on the internet was out because they only sell it in large amounts to salons. My daughter has been going in every few months, buying me a can or two and shipping it to me. She went in this week, and to my dismay, the salon is no longer carrying it! Over the last year, I've been trying other product, hoping to find something that would get TL and me both off the merry-go-round, but nothing else has worked well. I wasn't happy with her news. Anyway, I bought a couple things recommended by the salon, and I'll hope for the best.

While I was waiting for the beauty supply store to open, I sat on a bench in the mall. A woman asked if she could share the bench while she waited, also, for Penney's to open. We started talking (well, of course we dd!! You know me!!) and enjoyed each other so well that we sat past the opening of the stores by almost a half-hour! What a nice lady! We exchanged phone numbers as she is nearing retirement and is interested in moving out of the ABQ area, to a more relaxed, less populated area. She has been here, and she loves Lincoln County for its slower pace and elbow room. I gave her some pointers I learned in my search for a home. She plans to take some long weekends over the next couple years to explore the state (she loves it as much as I do, and wants to stay here) to see what area she might enjoy for retirement. I told her to give me a call if she comes this way, and I will show her around from an "insiders" point of view.

I started home soon after noon. That's unusual. It's usually late afternoon before I head south. I was home around 3:00, and I was really happy to be here. Being home early sounded good, but I'd already had a 12 hour day!! I've just laid around since getting home, but I didn t want to go to bed too early or my whole schedule will be jacked!I am going to be prone by 10:00, however. Period!

I;m tired. C'mon, 10:00!!!


  1. What a busy day you had. I love your story about meeting your new friend. You really do make friends everywhere you go.

    I also hate driving when it's really dark out. I have vowed to stay off the roads after the sun goes down because we are officially in the Deer Mating Season.

  2. There's probably something pathological about me that way! LOL!

    gosh, around here, it is year round, but it's worse now. guess like humans, they lose their sense when it's "mating time"!!!

  3. I don't understand why you couldn't leave the porch light on all day. The amount it would cost would be pennies compared to the inconvenience and cost of falling in the dark and possibly twisting an ankle or something.

  4. Until you've lived on a fixed income in an economy like this, it probably doesn't make sense.

  5. I so understand the sleep schedule thing Lyn. It doesn't take much to mess it up! And I hate going out and driving in the dark anymore. It seems so hard for me to see at night.
    How nice that you met a new friend. I love when we meet someone and just hit it off. I hope you had a good nights sleep. Love Di ♥

  6. Di, I hope seeing you here is a sign that you're feeling better???

    I think the older we get, the easier it is for our systems to be upset with small things. As for the night driving, I've always had problems with it, but I'm also thinking it is about time for a check up and to see if there is any cataract growth going on. gah. I hope not.

  7. Thank you for sharing your day.
    I've read some of your "If only I could find my pen" blog - It's a joy to read and I plan to read it all.Hope you don't mind.

  8. I hate driving in the dark and avoid it if at all possible. What's worse than that is driving in the rain in the dark! I'm practically blind! Glad you had a successful trip and made it back home safely! Now rest up!! :-)

  9. Jimmy, thank you very much. Of course I don't mind, not at all! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I haven't posted much over there for a while.

    Deb, yeah, driving in the rain at night really stinks! And I've had a fabulous rest last night and today!

  10. So glad that you made a new friend,kind of made up for having such a long day. I have always dreaded driving in the dark, my vision just isn't what it should be. I actually gave up driving a few months ago and so far, I haven't missed it. Luckily, I am retired and hubby takes me where ever I want to go. We have a nice little bus system here, so if need be, they will actually come right to the door to pick me up.

  11. Since I'm alone, I really dread the day when I have to give up driving. It will mean I leave my haven here on the mountain. sigh. Not a happy prospect at all.

  12. Lynilu: Actually, I left home with nothing at the age of 18 and have supported myself my whole life. I have had days when I had nothing, not a nickel. And I have lived on my own most of my life.
    I used to worry about keeping a light on while I was gone but I have re-evaluated my thought process.
    I wondered why I would sacrifice my safety for the small amount of money it costs to turn a light on. I mean, I can always use the tv or computer or oven less to make up the difference in cost and enefgy use.

    So now, no matter how much it might cost, when I leave early in the morning or know I will be home after dark, I leave the light on for myself because I am worth it.

  13. I think you are worth leaving a light on too!


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