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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Bonanza update!!!!

OMG!!!!! I am having such a fantastic day!!! I should have bought a lottery ticket, but it is too late now. 

Allan, my stepson called me a bit ago, asking if I would take him to the airport in Albuquerque on Friday. He's going to San Diego for a few days to see his mom and sister. We talked about it a few days ago, and because of a little problem with his car, I offered. He has been under the weather, and didn't have time to get the car looked at, so asked if I would help. Of course, I will. Anyway, as we talked, he mentioned that he couldn't get on Southwest Arlines where a couple pieces of baggage are free, so he planned to take just a carry-on, but he discovered his bag is about 2-3 inches too big. Same problem I ran into, also. He was planning to go to Walmart tonight and buy a suitcase, and I offered him one of mine. I have two that are OK for carry-on requirements, one was my husband's, Allan's father. I doubt I will ever use them both at once, so he can probably keep it, if he wants. Anyway ....

So I went down to get the case to take to him tomorrow. I brought it up and decided I should check to be sure I hadn't left anything in it. I unzipped all the zippers and ran my hand in all the pockets. On the very last pocket, I touched something, and I yanked my hand out! It startled me! I opened the pocket and saw something shiny inside. I reached in and pulled out a pair of earrings that I thought I lost on a cruise in 2000!!!!!! Seriously!!!!!!

I'm thrilled senseless!

These are favorites and rather expensive, turquoise and silver.  I'm so happy to have them back!!

OK, I'm obviously living right, but I'm not really sure what I've done to deserve today. Not that I'm complaining!

Woooooo Hooooooo!!!!

.... Life is unbelievably, remarkably, fantastically BEAUTIFUL!!!!

I'm so happy that I'm going to share another sunrise with you!! That's happy!!  ;D

I should have known when I saw this this morning .... it was gonna be a fantabulous day. And it is!!!


  1. wow, ya lucky duck! what a great day!!!

  2. I'd love for it to continue! And continue!!! Oh, well, I'll settle for joy over this one. ;)

  3. You seem to be on a roll. Keep that good luck coming.

  4. Ten years Lyn? Really? It is a good day for you! Love Di ♥

  5. Linda, YES!!! Keep it coming!

    Di, isn't that something? Ten years to the month! Oh, yeah, such a good day.

  6. What a great day you did have. and finding your favorite earrings. You are right, you should have bought a lottery ticket.

  7. That is AWESOME!!!!!!

    As always, I LOVE your pictues.

  8. Lucky Lady! Should have hit up a casino Lyn.:)

  9. Moni, if it hadn't been late as it was, I might have considered it!


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