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Saturday, October 02, 2010

dogs and deer

The deer have been hanging close to my house all morning. The group has been as small as three and as large as nine. Out back they've been grazing and for the last hour or so, resting in the shade of the trees. It is nice to watch them.


 The dogs, the dogs, the dogs! They just can't help themselves. They were alternating sitting "the deer watch" and running out side to bark at the deer! Good gracious, I'm getting tired just watching their level of energy exertion!
Lolita loves sitting in the window and watching deer .... or anything .... outside.
Sam and Max take their turn at the vigil.

Then Joey and Lola took over.
And the deer were completely unconcerned about it all. Here they are, just hanging out.

This one stood and walked a few steps away as I went out the door, then stopped and just stood there.

This lady was really close, but wasn't concerned. I think this might be the sweet one who has raised babies around here since I moved in.

Just taking it easy. I love watching them as much as the dogs do.

 I went out to clear some scrub oak this afternoon. I put the steel blade on the weed whacker, donned my leather gloves and a wide brimmed hat, and began cutting it down. After almost an hour of cutting, scooping up and loading in the bed of the truck, I was getting hot. I knew it was time to quit.

I drove the truck down to the road and dumped the cutting on the side of the road for the county to pick up. I came in the house and got into the shower (boy, did that feel good!!) and then I walked to the deck to look at my handiwork. I looked down at the area, and I couldn't believe it. I'd cleared an area about (only!) 15 feet square! All I could think  was "Damn, is THAT ALL I got done???"

It is always slow work getting rid of the blasted bushes. But I forget it and think I'm going to get a lot more done that I do. I'm glad it was decently cool today, in the low 70s when I went out. Otherwise I would have been able to do even that much! I just wish there were an easy way. Other than having someone else do it, of course, 'cause I can't afford to hire it done. I'll get there eventually. I will. I know I will.     sighhhhhh.

Has anyone noticed those TV ads that start off offering you a knife or a pair of sunglasses or a mop that is wonderful, and then they say that you'll get the second one free if you pay shipping charges? I keep wondering why anyone would find that appealing, because, I can only wear one pair of sunglasses at a time, and I can only use one mop at a time, and two identical knives? I don't know why I would want two sets with eight bags in each to store things, or two sets of various sizes of ShamWows. I mean, if I have THAT much liquid to sop up, maybe I need to consider a fix for something that would stop the spills, not stand around waiting for the next mess. What if I want just one ShamWow or one Ginzo knife? I don't get why everything has to be doubled. Oh well. Any ideas?

Remember the nightmare I had over the home theater early in the summer? I had problems with one, sent it back and got the second one, and it was working great. The last six weeks have been wonderful. Then last night, I turned on the TV and the sound system and started watching a program. About 10 minutes into it, there was a loud electronic pop, and there was no sound. The remote wasn't getting anything turned up/down/off, so I got up and walked over to the unit, but the controls on the panel didn't work either. I finally unplugged it. After a while, 20-30 minutes, I plugged it in, hoping that whatever anomaly was cleared. And sure enough, it worked! The remote turned it on, and I was back in business.

For another 10 minutes.

Repeat the above paragraph. 

GAH!!!!!! I've emailed Walmart, and I hope they are as easy to work with as they were before.This is ridiculous! I used to like RCA electronics, but I'm getting pretty soured on them now. I hope W will allow me to exchange for a different brand, even if I have to pay some extra. I don't want another RCA.

Hey, it just started raining!! Finally! It has been clouding up and the wind blowing off and on all day, but nothing coming of it. I debated about watering the garden, but with rain in the forecast for the next couple days, I hated to waste it. Whew. I hope we get a good rain. There is a flood advisory for this county, so perhaps I should phrase that as "I hope we get a good, gentle, and only sufficient rain."

OK, gonna get comfy and read while I enjoy the sound of the rain. It does sound good!


  1. I have always enjoyed seeing the deer here about. After the first two years I just gave up on gardening, they were a good excuse!

  2. "But, wait!"...

    one of the favorite phrases the hubster and I do together when forced to watch commercials ....

  3. Merikay, I've thought about planting a small garden, but we have such rocky terrain that I'd have to build it up, a raised garden, and it'd need such intense wire fencing to keep out deer and rabbits that I simply chicken out!

    MM, ha ha! that fits!


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