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Friday, October 01, 2010

Six hour lunch

I mentioned yesterday that I was going to lunch today. Well, I did, and what a great time I had!

Allan (my stepson) and I were invited to the home of some friends. This couple has been working on building their dream home, a retirement home, for over eight years, and they have finally finished it. What a beautiful, comfortable, inviting home it is! It is roomy but not sprawling; open and airy, but not so much to feel impersonal or cold; quietly decorated without being bland. I felt as comfortable the minute I walked in as if I'd spent hours there. Just lovely!

We had a wonderful lunch, served on their deck. the air today was a nearly perfect as I can imagine, warm, but not hot. We had a spicy penne pasta, garlic bread (the kind with big chunks of garlic on top, YUMMM!), and salad. We'd already snacked on chips and pretzels with a couple of fabulous dips. One of the dips was a delicious jalapeƱo that rocked! Again YUMMMM! We had some wine with all of the above. It was perfecto! Then a raspberry parfait and coffee brought the meal to a perfect end.

We sat on the deck, moving occasionally as the sun shifted and talked and talked and talked. And we talked, too!! It was just a wonderful afternoon, and time just flew by. Before we realized it, it was after 6:30, and we had to go. Allan had left his cats outside, and I knew my dogs were getting very hungry by that time. I really had a fantastic time, but it was time to get out of their hair.

Our hosts are such a delightful couple. I met them when I was working at the art gallery. I immediately liked them both. Allan met them when he had the real estate company and the husband worked for him. It's interesting that we knew them separately, both of us like both of them, and then found out of the connection.

They have been living a long distance relationship for many years as the wife was teaching at a university in Miami. But they knew they wanted to retire here, so he husband moved here and began working on the plans for and construction of the house. It has been a challenge at times for them, although they each made several trips to the other home each year, and summers were spent here together During the times they were here, they bought several pieces of art from the gallery and other local spots, as well as from many places they've traveled, so the home reflects their tastes and personalities. It is so nice! The house has been a work in progress, for sure, and now they can work on making their time together a perfect as the house!

I can't remember a better .... or longer .... lunch! Good people and good times!


  1. Sounds like a fun afternoon!!! I love visits that you don't want to end. I remember the first time my friends from Avila got together...we met for dinner and ended up staying 5 hours..and we were in a resturant.

  2. It was fun, for sure! And I've done that in a restaurant, too. When I do, I make sure to tip the server very well, even if the restaurant is not busy. When you are having fun like that, it is just *wrong* to stop!!

  3. I LOVE having lunches like that. Glad you all had a good time!!!

  4. They are wonderful, aren't they?


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