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Friday, October 01, 2010

Little nothings

Has anyone else noticed how limited the activity has been here on the internet lately? Yesterday was s...l...o...w. My blog had only eight visitors before noon. I couldn't believe it. Meh. Maybe everyone was out enjoying the gorgeous weather? Yeah, it must be that, 'cause we all know no one in their right mind would not want to read my fascinating, absolutely titillating writing, right?  LOL!

Yesterday was low key. I just kinda puttered around the house in the morning, then went to work at the thrift shop. While I was there, I found a little zippered book bag that is the perfect size for my Kindle, and it has enough room in it with pockets, dividers, etc., for my iPod case, a pen and a sudoku book. It is perfect! When I fly to Hawaii, I'm going to have over eight hours of flying and almost six hours of layovers. I'm going to have lots of time to fill, to say the least. I'll be able to pull out this one little case (about 7x9x4) and have basically everything I want to occupy me right in my hands, without having to dig around in my carry-on bag for the different things. 

After I finished my shift there, I visited with friends around town for a while, just cruising from one place to another for a couple hours and headed home. I made arrangements with Wonder Boy's father for the two of them to help me with getting the deck sanded so I can refinish it. We will be doing it the weekend of the 14th, 15th, 16th, depending on weather conditions. Wonder Boy and I will move things so his dad can run the sander. Then I'll come back a day or so later and put the new finish on. I want to get it done before I go to Hawaii, because by the time I'm back, temps may be too cool to apply the finish. I'm so excited about getting it done!

So, for the next two weeks, I need to focus on getting everything painted that I want to paint, the furniture, trunks, swings, etc. I always have good intentions of putting plastic or newspapers under what I'm painting, but then I finish a piece with just a little paint left in the pan, so I use it up on another piece. Of course, I drip somewhere in the process. I decided it would be wise to get as much dripping, er, I mean, painting done before the deck work. I may not get everything done, but I will be able to get most of it. The last two pieces on the list are metal, meaning a different kind of paint, etc., and I'll probably work on both simultaneously, thus, less running around with drips. No, no! I'll still be running around with THOSE drips, my friends, but less dripping on the deck. Sheesh, You guys make something out of nothing, don't you?    ;D

It was a gorgeous day. The temperatures were mild, in the 70s, with a clear blue sky and tons of sunshine. Today will be about the same, but will a little more heat, in the low 80s. Ahhh. Nice. Good weather for another laid back day. I'm going to lunch with my stepson at a friend's home. A couple that Allan and I both knew from different places has invited us over. I think their house might be ready for company. They've been planning and working on the house here for a couple years. He has been here almost full time while she travels back and forth  to Florida where she teaches. This house is their "forever" home, the retirement place, and this plan of taking it slowly has allowed them to do much of the work themselves, buying what they need as they go and avoiding the huge debt that often comes with setting up, refurbishing, decorating, personalizing a new home. Smart. I saw them a couple months ago, and they laughed about now having to learn to live together full time again!

Yesterday I stopped at Da Bosses home again and gathered some hollyhock seeds that weren't ripe when I was there last, and while I was there, I picked a few green tomatoes. Guess what's for dinner tonight????


  1. YAAAAAAAAAAAAY Fried green tomatoes I add a little onion!

    Sounds lovely!!

  2. Actually, Ruth, I'm just now home from the lunch (7:00 PM), and I don't need dinner tonight! but tomorrow .... oh yeah!!

  3. I had trouble getting pages to populate so I gave up looking at the internet yesterday.

  4. I have always loved Hollyhocks. We grew them when we were kids.

  5. We did, too, when I was a child. This is like a flashback! People all over this county grown them, and I've really enjoyed it.

  6. I rarely visit your blog (where it would show up in the count) - I get it in my Facebook feed AND my Google Reader feed. I bet I'm not the only one - so rest assured that there are more people reading your posts than you think!


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