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Monday, October 25, 2010

Fast Update

My sister's funeral services went well. It was a sad time, but also a good one because so many of the family came together. I really enjoyed visiting and leaning on my relatives.  I was glad TL was with me, and my son Scott and his famly surprised us by coming.

On the way home, a tire blew on the truck. AAA changed it, and I limped back into Nogal. GAH!! Is it going to end?  Yeah, I think it already has.

This morning, Linda brought TL and me to Albuquerque. We got her on the plane, then had lunch, did a bit of shopping (Trader Joe's for snacks for the flight) and she and Pearl brought me to the hotel. Checking in brought a nice surprise. "Because of availability (i.e., not many guests), we have upgraded you to a king suite." OK, see? My fortunes are turning around!

I'm tucked in for the night. Well, I'm using the hotel computer because I didn't bring the laptop. I know, I know! But Dell doesn't have wireless at his house, so why take it. I'll be checking in on his computer. As soon as I type and post this, I'm off to bed with a book, planning to sleep early. I'm tired enough I don't think that is a problem. I have to be up about 4:00 in the morning to catch a shuttle to the airport as my plane leaves about 6:30. That's A.M.!!!

The past few days have been grueling, but I'm ready for fun now. I've called my host, and he is ready to pick me up tomorrow afternoon in Kona. I can't wait!

I won't be posting often for the next couple weeks, so be patient. I will, however, be taking thousands of pictures, and I will fill you in on my return.

Till next time!


  1. So very good to hear from you Lyn and to know that your luck has taken a turn for the better. Enjoy your visit to HI, forget about your troubles for a little while and you will come home all refreshed and able to tackle the world again!

  2. O.K. Lyn, you know how much we'll miss you. But I want, no, I demand that you have a blast! I'll be thinking about your fun in the sun while you're away. I demand that you use this time to chill out and relax! Yes I demand it! And everything will go smooth as silk, you'll see.
    I know what great photos you take so I will be just sitting here the whole two weeks twirling my thumbs in anticipation of your great shots!! So Aloha my friend, don't think of us, just go BOOGIE DOWN!!
    Love Di ♥

  3. Have an amazing time. Looking forward to all your pictures!!!

  4. Have a warm and relaxing time!

  5. Aloha (or is that just hello?) You probably can clue me in when you get back. Hope you have a fabulous time. I want to get there one day myself.

  6. Thanks, all. I won't try to individually respond right now.

    got in late yesterday (night at home, but afternoon here), picked up some things "in town" before coming to the remote regions where Dell lives. It has been raining all night and this morning. Dell says I'm the Rain Goddess since they haven't had rain here in a while!

    Kinda resting today and will hit the Island soon! Lovely!!!

  7. Have a wonderful time!! :-)


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