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Friday, October 29, 2010

A little bit ....

I hope to be able to post some pictures tomorrow or Sunday, so stay tuned. I'm staying busy enough that I don't think of it often, and then I tend to not think of it when there is time.

It has been raining off and on since I got here. In fact, on my first day, Wednesday, it rained all day long, hard at times. We stayed home, which suited me, because I needed the rest. That long day of flight exhausted me. Dell called me the Rain Goddess, because there hasn't been this much rain in quite a while. The days are continuing to be a mixture of sunshine and periods of rain, wind, and overcast. Fortunately it is not keeping us inside much, as the sunshine is prominent, with the cloudy times cooling things off a little. We've been doing the typical tourist thing, but with the added bonus of Dell's insider information about the island, Hawai'i, the history, the sights, etc. I'm enjoying it very much.

Our pace has been busy, but not frenetic (as I sometimes tend to do), as Dell can go for a while, then he needs to rest, get away from the hullabaloo and restore his energy before we can go on. That works well for me, as I said, keeping me away from the crazy tourist pace that is so easy to fall into.

We've taken a couple drives along the shoreline, stopping frequently to look, take photos, and stretch our legs. Wow, what beautiful waters are in the ocean here! The wind sometimes gets to be a nuisance, but I have to say the most beautiful shoreline pictures have fans of spray as the waves hit the rocks, and those are most dramatic when the wind is pushing the water. It's a trade-off I can live with! Our trips were around the northern tip of the island. If you look at a map of Hawai'i, I am on the northeast side of the tip that extends up toward the other islands. Really, right on the tip.

We were sitting here a bit ago, and the house shook. I looked at Dell and said, "Is that what I think it is?" He replied that it was indeed a strong tremor or a mild quake, and then a second, stronger one hit. Very weird. The last time I felt one was when I lived in Albuquerque, over 40 years ago. OK, I can definitely do without a repeat of that! It wasn't bad, but it isn't very, uhmm, comfortable to have that going on!

Tomorrow we are going over the mountains to a farmer's market in Waimea to see what goodies we can find. We're having a food-fest as it is, but hope to add some more local, organic goodies to the pantry and fridge. BTW, I've fallen in love with one of the passionfruits here. Dell has one in his back yard that is very good, kind of a light citrus hint to it, and it is very yummy. But there is another that is a bit sweeter, slightly peach or apricot in essence, and it makes my eyes roll up in my head! We found some trees with some of them yesterday, and I'm so glad! I love them!!

After the farmer's market, we will do more sightseeing and some other shopping, too. Not sure what all we will do, but it doesn't really matter. It will be fun.

OK, I'll get back to you later with photos and or more "stuff."


  1. Sounds like the beginning of a delightful vacation.

    Keep us posted.

  2. Sounds like great fun Lyn. Enjoy the passion fruit and other goodies. Hope the rain stops. Thanks for the pictures!


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