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Thursday, October 14, 2010


When I raised my blinds this morning, my living room was flooded with gorgeous hues of rich pink and apricot. It was gorgeous! The sunrise was mediocre, but the infusion of light into the living room was amazing! I tried taking pictures, but the colors didn't photograph nearly as they were to the nekkid eye. You'll just have to accept my work for it!

My trip to Albuquerque yesterday was a good one. Allan didn't arrive until late afternoon, 5:30, so I didn't leave really early, either. I left a bit before noon. That gave me time to have coffee, putz around the house a bit, and spend time with The Kids before I left.

As I was nearing ABQ, I was astounded at the smog hovering above the city! Good grief, it was awful! I was about 30 miles south when I noticed that I could see, barely, only the outline of the Sandia Mountains! Albuquerque sits at the western base and the range shoots up between 5000 and 6000 feet above the city, so it is not a usually subtle contrast. Seeing no contour of the mountains was startling. It was like looking at a 2-dimensional picture, one in which the artist left out any gradient demarking the shadows and highlights of the rocks and ravines of the mountain side. Seeing only the slight differentiation between the upper reaches of them and the sky just took my breath away. That was the worst I've ever seen it. A couple hours later, I noticed my eyes were burning. It took a moment before I realized why. So sad to see the air above the city that was once home to me being so polluted. Later Allen said the same about San Diego ....  polluted air, humidity through the roof, hot .... sad changes in places we once lived in and loved.

I was able to accomplish some errands again. A return to Buffalo Exchange (I know better than to buy without trying on!), getting a couple things I didn't think of last week, got a gold chair repaired for one of my favorite pendants, found a perfume that I think might work for me while I waited for the jewelry repair, bought a replacement thermostat for my heating/cooling system, etc.

The perfume is interesting. I won't give any store name, because it's a new one not yet released for sale at a store that has been a mainstay for me in the past. I was crushed when they quit making a perfumed oil I'd worn for years. For 6-7 years I've been trying to find a new signature scent, and I've been sorely disappointed. Yesterday, I stepped into one of their stores again, and the women there listened to my tale of woe, then one of them went to the back and brought out a bottle. She said my description of my old scent sounded similar to what she thought this was is like. I put a little on my arm and went to do a couple other things while I let it settle in and become part of my chemistry. I've had great trouble with perfumes "turning" on my skin and becoming rather nasty. After about 45 minutes, it was not bad at all! It's not my old, familiar scent, but it's nice. I suspect I'll get used to it. I bought a bottle, although the two women said the official release date for display and sale was still an unknown! Cool! I get to be the first to wear it!

I needed gas when I left my first stop, so I went looking for a gas station. Why is it when you aren't in need of one, it seems there are stations on every corner, but when you are beginning to feel panicky, you can't find one? Well, I found one, but when I pulled in, the pumps had no card reader. it took me about 25 minutes, and my heart was in my throat! But, yeah, I made it.

After my errands were done, I still had time to spend, so I headed to Trader Joe's. I was only needing one thing, basmati rice, but I decided I'd get some cheese and crackers for the trip home, too. Allan had said he didn't want to eat before leaving ABQ, as he snacked in Phoenix and was eager to get home and rest. I wasn't feeling hungry, although I hadn't eaten since about 10:30, but I figured I would be before I got home. Wellllll. I guess I was hungrier that I realized. I bought comfort foods out the wazoo!! Cheese and crackers (2 kinds), then some dried fruits (2 kinds) and some nuts (4 kinds), cookies (3 kinds), a loaf of banana nut bread and a loaf of carrot-cake bread! Good grief!! But I guess, given the emotional roller coaster of the last week, it makes sense. I'll enjoy food between now and time to leave for HI!!! I need to space it out, however, or I won't be able to get into the clothes I'm taking!

Allan and I had a great visit on the way home. He caught me up to date with his mom and his sister, and we verbally resolved the woes of all the world in the three hours home!! Aren't you all glad we are here to do that for you?  LOL!

I'm a little tired today. I think the emotional drain has slowed, but it left behind an energy low. The healing can begin after my sister's memorial service which is scheduled on 10/23. Right now, the travel and the energy are effecting my body .... I have sacroiliac problems, have for years, and in stress, I find my hips and legs begin to hurt. I had trouble getting out of bed this morning. I've done exercises for it, and it is already better.

Next week, I will be concentrating on getting everything packed as far as possible. I will have precious little time between Friday and Monday when I leave for Albuquerque in preparation to fly on Tuesday 10/26. I am feeling some pressure as my schedule is suddenly topsy-turvy, so I am trying to re-plan and re-focus so I feel a little more prepared. I don't want to arrive in HI already exhausted.

OK, I need to get off here and rework my schedule.  My life is certainly not boring, is it?


  1. Your life is certainly NOT boring Lyn. Enjoy the activity while you can, old age has a way of just creeping up on you,.. sigh!

  2. Oh no. Albquerque has smog?! I have been out to New Mexico several times because I have family there but haven't been in 15 or so years. I always remember it as this pristine place! Its been smogified like the rest of the nation! (Or maybe I just don't remember the smog)

  3. Moni, I love my life. There are moments I don't, but they are short lived. And I will live as fully as I can until I have no choice. :)

    Mary, yeah, sadly. When I lived there, it was gorgeous, but that was 45 years ago. When I moved back to NM 4 years ago, I was stunned at the smog. It was bad. But what I saw yesterday was a.w.f.u.l. It breaks my heart. But come visit me! My air is wonderful!!

  4. If there's one thing that I know for sure, it's that your life is not boring!!!! I get tired just reading your posts! It sounds to me as though you're doing a great job of dealing with the loss of your sister. It's no wonder you stocked up on comfort foods, though.

    I'm thinking of you.


  5. Lynilu: I would love to come visit but I think I am agoraphobic or an extreme homebody.

    My dog would love to visit your dogs but he would go nuts. He seems to react badly to any dog smaller than himself. I am not sure if it is fear or dominance issue. He is definitely not going on any visitng trips!

  6. Betty, you're right. My life isn't boring. As for dealing with my sister's death .... yeah, I'm doing OK, but it comes and goes. In fact I just posted a short piece about it. I'll get through it, but I'm sure I'll never quit missing her. I still miss my parents ten years later and my gramma 45 years later. That's just how it is.

    Mary, oooookay! I guess Sir Poopalot doesn't need to come, but if you change your mind, just holler! I'm telling you, my skies are bluuuuuuuuuue!


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