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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Plumbing and pups

Mr. Jones was here about noon, and I'm back in business! The new faucet is in place and works like a dream! He got one that was a little more expensive than I wish, but it has no metal to water direct contact. That's very important.  Where I live, the water is uber hard. Ultra-uber hard. The minerals in the water are very hard on metal, depositing and eating away the metal in faucets. I have a filtration and softening system that takes care of my whole house, but think about it .... it uses salt to soften water. Well, salt is a mineral and does the same thing.

My old faucet was just gone.  The new one has lots of plastic tubing, etc., but most importantly, the faucet itself is lined so no mineral deposit will to chew it up. whew. He says this one should last me a good long time. I hope so, because the faucet and assembly cost twice what his services did!! But I'm glad that everything is like it really should be.

This afternoon, I've been doing a lot of regular household tasks off and on. In between, I've been on the couch with the dogs, either watching TV or doing something on the internet. When I left the couch, most of the time the dogs stayed put. BTW, that's another major bit of progress with them. I can actually leave the room without all/most of them following me. In the past, they have acted as if I'm leaving them forever if I walk to the next room! At least the three boys act that way. I'm wondering if it has been a good thing for me to leave them off and on, as I've done lately. Perhaps it has helped them to understand that I may go away, but I come back. I hope that's it. Anyway, it is another big step forward.

 It's like this at my house .......

Sam and Lola

and Joey


Jazi near my feet on the floor

 See how good life is?  :D

Wanna live at my house?


  1. Oh my what a fuzzy bunch. My one drives me crazy sometimes wanting my attention or wanting to set in my lap. I don't know how you do it.

  2. Hey,
    We use potassium tablets in our water softener. They cost more than the salt, but since we have a septic system they are better for it. I also think they're better for the pipes and plumbing, but haven't actually investigated it. Prior to using them, we were getting a new hot water tank about every three years because of sediment but haven't recently. But, we aren't home as much also, with the RVing... just some info for ya!

  3. Linda, I don't know how I do it! Some of them are lap-sitters, others not, but they all want to be next to me. It seems to work out by rotation!

    MM, I'll have to check into that. Mine is a huge thing, about the size of a 50 gal. drum, and I'd have to see what the system will take, but I appreciate the heads up!

  4. Those pups of yours are so darn adorable.

  5. I miss something warm and fuzzy.... I could move in, mom and I could set up in your driveway and we could dog sit for you!

  6. I could live with that, Pepper! I have RV hookups!

  7. Thanks, Moni! I certainly think so!

  8. Your dogs are beautiful and they must be full of contentment and trust. Now about that puppy......

  9. They seem rather sedentary, which is a good thing anyway. My in-laws have a dog that has hyper-genes. He's constantly on the move and loves to jump in your lap, even if you're standing up! It's like a football player coming after you.

  10. Freda, thank you, and .... :) ....

    Dave, there have been times when one or another has been, uh, more aggressive! If you're sitting down, Jazi thinks your lap is a natural invitation! But I must admit, she sits, not jumps. The whole gang is getting to that stage of becoming very friendly very quickly with guests, but so far [knocks on wood] they aren't tackling anyone!

  11. Those pups are delightful!! Looks so cozy at your house!

  12. Thanks, Lisa, and it is cozy! I just brewed a huge mug of Earl Grey Tea and I'm gonna use it to wash down an Everything Bagel Thin with homemade pimento cheese. Mmmmmmm.

  13. WEll could I bring Ruby and Roxy? That could raise some havoc I'm sure!
    About that plumber Lyn, it sounds like he wanted the very best for you. He must have thought you special! That is a good thing as now you should be good for a long time!
    Love Di ♥

  14. Di, I knew it was going to be more expensive, but given the fact that my precious faucet lasted less than 4 years, I felt it would be worth it in the long run.

    Now, since I have running water everywhere, sure! Bring "the kids" and c'mon down!!


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