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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thoughts on Tuesday

The older I get the more I don't care if I fit in with everyone else.


Yeah, I'm kinda thinking I mighta said that and someone quoted me. LOL! No, I don't really take credit for that quote, but it could be straight outta my mouth. However, it seems to fit me pretty well.

I'm actually not antisocial. I love to hang out with people, and I like it when people like me. The difference, as I've aged, is that I no longer need for people to like me. I don't feel a need to fit in. Most of all, I don't adjust me to fit someone else's idea of who I am. Or who they want me to be.

I used to do that to some degree, and I'm guessing that it would depend on who is asked as to how much I have flexed in the past. I know some people think I've gone overboard, but others know the difference between "overboard" and "survival." I think I've survived. Now I'm living.


  1. I so agree with you Lyn. I could have said that quote myself too. And ya know, it feels darn good doesn't it?!
    Love Di ♥

  2. Ya know, Di, I actually like myself. Parts of my life I couldn't have said that, but now I definitely do. Hell yeah!!

  3. The past 5-6 years I have had the problem of REALLY not caring what people think of me, it is just too much effort to try to please the various assortment of characters in and out of the family. I mean, I love living WAY OUT HERE in the desert so that I do not have to take other peoples' opinion of me in to account in my little world. I know it is a form of rudeness, but tough!

  4. Moni, I don't see it as rude, because I think we all have the right to live our own lives and not be questioned or directed, as long as it legal and moral. I think you're legal and moral. ;D

  5. Thank you know, differing ideas regarding religion, politics, freedom of speech (mine), lol. I kind of just want to be left alone.

  6. Good for you.

    Who cares what others think, the beauty of getting older is that it really no longer matters.
    I am absolutely determined to go my own sweet way and if you or somebody don't like it, you can lump it.

    So there!

    Isn't life fun when you please yourself?

  7. I hear ya, Moni. I was raised by parents who taught me it is impolite to ask who you voted for, about religion. Privacy is golden. And, like you, I want my ideas left the hell alone.

  8. Friko, life is GLORIOUS when we please ourselves!!!! Yes, yes, yes!!!

  9. I do care what my imedeate family and my husband "think" of me. Other than that I don't work at being liked or understood.

    But then I don't work hard at understanding other people a whole lot either.

  10. You know, Merikay, I actually do work at trying to understand others. It's part of my nature and also was my career. If I understand them, I know better how to get along, or *if* we'll get along. However, if I feel someone doesn't care about who I am, I know that's not someone I'll work very hard over, 'cause they aren't likely to be a friend, just an acquaintance.

    Once you're my friend, I'll try to get along, but I'm intolerant to those who step on my toes. If it isn't give and take, respect going both ways or if people are trying to change me .... we're done. I'm me .... get used to it!


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