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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Pretty cool. Wish my camera were more powerful, but still pretty cool.

Remember you can click on the photos to enlarge them.

Nearing the full eclipse......
I moved a bit, but still a cool picture.

Probably my fav shot. Just before the full eclipse.

Beginning to come out of the eclipse ....

And it's almost over ......

Yep, that's it for another four or five hundred years. sigh. Everything is so fleeting, isn't it? And I'm tired. It is nearly 3:00 AM, and I do have to get up tomorrow.

Night, youse guys!

What? Oh, yes, I know we'll have more eclipses before several hundred years, but not during the winter solstice! Pay attention!!    ;D


  1. Amazing! I just got a photo but mine looks like your last one! The other ones you have looks GREAT! Thanks for staying up for all of the rest of us slackers!

  2. Sadly we had fog. (I wasn't up anyway.)

  3. Beautiful pics. Especially that one where the red is coming on. Sadly it was too cloudy here so we couldn't see anything. Guess I'll have to enjoy everyone's pics instead.

  4. Thank you Lyn, I wanted to see it and normally would have set my alarm for it but I have been a bit sick(Kate Too) so I opted out for sleep! I did look outside once when going to the bathroom and it was too cloudy. So I was happy to see your photos. I love that sort of thing! Very nice too Lyn, my camera wouldn't even work in the dark! Love Di ♥

  5. Thanks, all! I'm glad I stayed up, although I'm exhausted today, and I still have to go do my stuff today. So many times, my luck has been like yours .... too cloudy or something making me miss the big event. Guess it was just my turn, AT LAST!!

  6. Absolutely amazing. Thanks so much for posting your pictures.

  7. Thanks so much Lyn, these are truly great pictures. We could never make it but you did good.Sure hope that you are able to get some rest today.

  8. do you see the face looking down in so many of them? it's awesome!!!!

  9. We had a rainy, cloudy night, so I just went to bed and stayed warm.

    Interesting pictures. Glad you got to see it.

  10. You really took these pictures? They look as good as the ones I've been seeing on the news. Better probably. I got up in the middle of the night to watch a shuttle launch down in Florida. But I wasn't up to seeing the eclipse. Chances are it would have been cloudy anyhow.


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